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Bragging About Cassie

If you’d prefer not to read a post in which I brag about how awesome my daughter is – which I totally understand – skip reading today. My blog is also read by members of my family, including my mother-in-law (Hi Sandy!) and Cassie’s birthmom, and they prefer my bragging to my opinions about adoption. … Continue reading

Cassie is 18-Months Old!

Our darling Cassie is 18-months old. That’s 1-1/2 years! Time goes by so fast! She’s wearing her gFleur outfit, which I’m actually going to write about separately, because I am insane. She’s hitting most of her milestones. “Runs stiffly and falls often.” She’s a great walker and has even started running. How good she is … Continue reading

Cassie’s Words and Signs

I’ve had a number of people ask me what Cassie can say. I’ve also had a few people either notice her signing or talk to me about signing. Cassie watches about 3 episodes of Signing Time per day. That’s about 1-1/2 hours. Yeah, I know. Babies aren’t supposed to have any television. But I think … Continue reading

Cassie is One Year Old!

It’s hard to believe, but Cassie turned one on October 25, 2012. We tried really hard to get a good one-year photo with her bee and bear, but oh, did she make it difficult. (Plus, my flash died so I have to send my camera to Nikon. *wah!*) She says the following words: cat, Jack, … Continue reading

Cassie Is 11 Months Old!

  Yesterday, Cassie turned 11 months old. That means she’ll be ONE YEAR OLD next month! She has 6 teeth, 4 or 5 words, and she walks! Her words are “cat,” “Jack,” “no,” and “duck.” She also says, “dada” but that means Max and me, apparently. She dances when music is played, or when you … Continue reading

Cassie is 10 Months Old!

Due to Soccer Drama last weekend, I’m very late on two important events that occurred Saturday, August 25th. The first was Jackson’s Adoption Day. The second was Cassie’s 10 month “birthday.” We had her wear her Pittsburgh Pirates outfit because it was just about to be too small, and the Pirates are actually doing well … Continue reading

Found Conversations from May 17, 2008

Jack: I gotta booger. Mommy: You need a Kleenex? Jack: No, I do it with my finger. Mommy is looking at something on eBay. On the home page is the Red Sox jersey that was buried in the new Yankee Stadium. Jack: That shirt all dirty.

Terms I Dislike

(originally published by LiveJournal) Potty Learning The word “potty” is bad enough. But “potty learning”? I’m sure it came from the AP world, because “training” is so harsh or something. A couple of people on forums and groups have the mantra “Babies are born potty trained” in their sigs. No they’re not! Babies are not … Continue reading

Thank You

Totally unprompted, as Daddy was taking Jack to his “rain bath”, Jack said, “Thank you for loving me.” Mommy and Daddy melted. Mommy said, “Jack, that may be the cutest thing you’ve ever said in your entire life.” Jack said, “Thank you for loving me.” And Daddy said, “You’re welcome.” And Jack said, “Thank you … Continue reading