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My Sassy Cat

I was going to write a post about Cassie being 18-months old now, but that will have to wait. Last night (or early this morning, really) my Sassy cat died. Sassy was about 17. We didn’t know exactly how old she was, because we were her third humans. Her first human apparently adopted her, declawed … Continue reading

Sassy and Jackson

(I’m converting our domain, rmcsquared.net, into our professional web site and moving all personal content to this blog. Eventually, I’ll have to figure out what to do with it and how to organize it. Until then, I’m just creating a series of posts with the .net content.) First writing: Sassy is intrigued by Jack. She … Continue reading

Family History: Pets

What pets have I had? Which one was my favorite?  My first pet was a German Shepherd we named Jenny. She ran away and apparently went to live with a neighbor around the block. I was under 5 at the time. My second pet was a chocolate lab that my baby-sitter (who also claimed to … Continue reading

One of Those Days

(originally published on LiveJournal)  feel like crying, for some reason. Nothing particularly bad has happened today. The Contractor no longer wants to speak with me, so we’re to communicate exclusively via email. This is related to her telling me to “just shut up” in a phone meeting last week. Really, not having to talk to … Continue reading

Real Life

(originally posted on LiveJournal) Aside from Disneyland, there has been lots going on. My neighbor’s 16 year old son was shot on his way to school two weeks ago. The news outlets butchered what really happened. It boils down to, the Kid was shot because he was wearing red pants. The papers attributed it to … Continue reading

Sassy Update, Week 7

(originally published on LiveJournal) This is Sassy: You may notice a few things: She’s eating! You can see her neck. Her neck doesn’t have a tube in it. Last Monday (the 22nd, I believe) Max was feeding Sassy when Sassy bolted, leaving the tube in Max’s hand. (No offense, sweetie, but I’m glad I wasn’t here. I … Continue reading

Sassy Update, Week 5

(originally published on LiveJournal) When I started to write this, at about 2:40pm, Sassy was grooming herself! She had been grooming her front paws, but she was actually making her way around the bandages to lick at a mat in her fur. (I have to cut that thing out.) She’s “eating” 1-1/2 cans of food per day, … Continue reading

Sassy Update, Post Vacation

(originally published on LiveJournal) For those of you who have been following the Sassy Saga, here’s the latest: My WONDERFUL neighbor Jeanine and her two teenage boys have been helping immensely. Jeanine would drive Sassy to the vet in the morning and bring her home at night. One night, the vet needed to keep her, … Continue reading

What Your Name?

Jack is learning that everyone has more than one name. He knows his: Jackson Louis Chittister.  “I got two O’s,” he says, “Mommy and Daddy got one O.” This is true. In stories, he asks what the characters’ names are, and if we don’t know, I’ll try to get him to make them up. He’ll … Continue reading

I’m Going

(originally published on LiveJournal) Sassy will be at the vet during the day because her feeding tube keeps blocking up. My neighbor will be with her here at night. I have 1-1/2 hours to pack and figure out how to use my new Ergo. Wish us luck, and please keep us – especially Sassy – … Continue reading