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I Swear He Said Freckle

One of Jack’s favorite books is What a Family!, which is a story about the similarities in relatives. Maggie has freckles, just like her cousins Angela, Angelo, Britt, Rosie, and Ollie. Jack asked, “What’s a freckle?”. I pointed to my eye and said, “Mommy has a freckle here, and on her arms.” Jack was fascinated. … Continue reading

Amazing Jack Tricks

I haven’t posted about how wonderful my son is for awhile, so I thought I’d try while he’s being all rambunctious with Daddy about his bath. On the way down the stairs, he started, well, babbling about something. Then I realized, he was reciting the text from the book Black Is Brown Is Tan – … Continue reading

My Son is Scary Smart

So, many of you may notice that I’m constantly talking about how smart my son is. Tonight, he was scary smart. Brief background: My sister had an old-fashioned Mickey Mouse stuffed animal that somehow ended up here. I introduced Jack. Then, today, he’s wearing pants with MM on them, but the modern version. Apparently, he … Continue reading

I Don’t Want to Forget

I’ve been thinking recently about all the little things that I forget. I’ve been working on journaling Jack’s baby book. (OK, books – 4 to be exact. From pre-birth to his 1st Birthday Party. Anyway…) There were times when I was great about writing – either here or on paper. Then, there are times when … Continue reading

Procrastinate Now!

Sep. 18th, 2007 at 11:25 PM I have so very many things to do that I can’t even think of where to start. Being 11pm, I thought I might install some software I’ve downloaded. I started with Semagic, which apparently lets me post to LJ without having to use IEeeeeeeeeeee. Mozilla crashes when I post … Continue reading

General Update

I’ve been using digital scrapping software to create pages, including an entire custom storybook for Jack. Business and Mom… I’m lucky if I get 18 hours of work done in a week. I have no idea how I’m supposed to work with a child. I can’t plunk him down in front of TV – not … Continue reading

Answering Sanjay’s Question

Aug. 29th, 2007 at 11:38 PM Many moons ago, I posted something about not having any time to post… and┬ácaveatman asked me: Start at the beginning. Is this a great deal of good stuff?I don’t even know where the beginning is.┬áJack has the vocabulary of a 3 year old, and no, that’s not hyperbolic. I … Continue reading

Abbreviated Post

Jack has the vocabulary of a 3 year old, and no, that’s not hyperbolic. I was looking up toddler milestones, and 1 book and 2 different web sites all said that a child at 24 months should be able to say “several” single words, and, perhaps, 2-4 word sentences. It’s not until age 3 that … Continue reading

My Beautiful Brilliant Boy

Today, Jack did many adorable and amazing actions: – He helped me put away the Christmas decorations by taking everything out of a bin and putting it back in, many times. – He fell down the stairs from the 4th stair. Not such a good thing to have happened, but he weathered it well and … Continue reading

Nine Months

At 9 months, Jack is meeting pretty much all of the milestones listed in What to Expect the First Year. He’s figured out the “If I drop it, it still exists and Mommy and Daddy will pick it up for me” game. He does not crawl, but he does creep, schooch, and roll himself all … Continue reading