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Max walked behind me and saw the title of tomorrow’s blog post. Max: “Are Birthmother Expenses Necessary?” (pause) Yes. (pause) Shortest blog post ever.  

Jackson’s Adoption Day

Due to Soccer Drama this past weekend, I’m very late on two important events that occurred Saturday, August 25th. The first is Jackson’s Adoption Day. I wrote about Jackson’s First Adoption Day when I wrote for Adoption Blogs. I thought I also wrote about why we celebrate Adoption Day, but I can’t find that post. … Continue reading

Conversations with Jackson

And So It Begins…. Yesterday afternoon, Jackson was watching clips of Glee on YouTube, Cassie was in her Exersaucer, and I was doing dishes. When I finished, I scooped Cassie up and went behind Jackson to watch the current clip. Cassie: reaches out and tugs Jackson’s hair Jackson: (surprised, turns around) Ow! (gives Cassie the … Continue reading

Date with the Checkout Woman

We do 90% of our food shopping at a small grocery store that stocks mostly organic food. We’ve been going there since Jackson was about 1 year old, and many of the employees have been around awhile. One of the checkers is a black woman. We’ve always chatted whenever we happen to be in her … Continue reading

She Didn’t Believe Me

My Dad volunteers at Jackson’s school on Thursday mornings. He gardens. When I picked Jackson up today, I asked him if he saw Grandpa Bob. Jackson: Yep. I sure did! Me: Was that fun? Jackson: An elementary kid didn’t believe he was my Grandpa. Me: Why not? (I figured I knew why not, but I … Continue reading


Today, I turned 36. Honestly, it wasn’t a very good day. I worked ’til 2 am, got to bed around 4, woke up at 10:45. Picked Jackson up from school, then he talked me into rollerblading while he rode his bike. (Rollerblading is really hard on my knee.) Jackson and I took Firefly (cat #3) … Continue reading

Library Card and Other Stories

Today, Jackson got his very own library card. I thought you had to be 5 to get one. Turns out, you just have to be able to write your name. Jackson said, “I could have had one when I was four.” Still, he was very proud to check out his own books. This makes him … Continue reading

Keeping It Real

Today, we hit a milestone that I thought I had at least 5 more years to come to pass. Jackson had the phone and was pretending to call people. I asked who he wanted to call. He said, “I want to call my real mom.” Yeah… I said, “I’m real.” And he said, “I mean, … Continue reading

Hanukkah and Harmonicas

Brief conversation between Max & Jack from the other day… Jack built a menorah out of Legos, and declared proudly, “It’s a harmonica. They’re not Jewish; they just like celebrating harmonica.” To which Max replied: “Harmonica and Hanukkah are not the same thing.” I’m just happy that he remembers Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah, and that … Continue reading