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I Used To Sing

For Christmas, Max got me this Super USB Cassette Capture do-hickey. It’s basically a Walkman that connects to my computer via USB, and it allows me to convert cassette tapes to digital music files. This weekend, I used it to convert all of my vocal warmups, accompaniment, and vocals from voice lessons to MP3. My … Continue reading

Ten Favorite Songs

The WordPress post-a-day topic for September 3 was an easy and fun one: Write a top ten list of your favorite songs. Bizarre Love Triangle, New Order Closer to Fine, Indigo Girls Winter, Tori Amos (I have 16 versions) Rockin’ Robin, Bobby Day (it was either embrace it, or be pissed anytime anyone sang it) … Continue reading


(originally posted on LiveJournal) My friend Jamie introduced me to Infinite Joy, a revue of songs by William Finn (Falsettos, among others). I’ve been in a showtunes mood the last few days. I started today with The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Due to the vagaries of iTunes, it was followed by “Anytime”, from Infinite Joy … Continue reading

Do You Know What I Know?

(Originally published on LiveJournal) I have 12 hours of Christmas music on my laptop.I have 4 versions of The Christmas Song, Carol of the Bells, and Do You Hear What I Hear?. (Currently on the Whitney Houston one.)I have 5 versions of Winter Wonderland, 12 Days of Christmas (if you include the 12 Pains of … Continue reading

Kellie (or, How I Spent June 13)

Jun. 25th, 2007 at 10:11 PM Aside from the pink pictures, life is acceptable. I had a WONDERFUL week 2 weeks ago.┬áMy friend Kellie came to visit!Kellie is the Earth Mother. If I believed in Goddesses, she would be one. Sometimes I call her one anyway. Kellie lives in New Jersey, and before that she … Continue reading

The Answers

Feb. 8th, 2007 at 11:39 PM So my second to last post was a quiz:The Redhead Exam And here are the answers:My favorite musical is…Les Miserables My second favorite movie is…Star Wars (Epsiode IV)(My very favorite is Gone with the Wind.) When we have a girl, her name will be…Cassandra (my favorite name since I … Continue reading

Another Music Meme: Ask for a Letter

Jan. 30th, 2007 at 10:17 PM Meme: Ask for a letter and I will give you one. Take that letter and come up with ten songs that begin with that letter, and explain why you picked each. nppyinzergave me: R 1. Rockin Robin (Chuck Berry): As if it weren’t totally obvious… I made a decision … Continue reading