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Why in the World? and Other Blog Posts

Why in the World? and Other Blog Posts

I know I’ve done this a lot lately: direct you to other blogs. I have so many articles written in my head, but getting them typed out… that’s a different matter entirely. (59 days before we leave California.) The No Bohns About It post, Why in the World Does the Race or Ethnicity of a Foster Child … Continue reading

This Month At Adoption.com

I know, it’s April Fools Day, so I should be writing about being pregnant or adopting a third child or selling my kids on eBay or something. But, I just don’t do April Fools Day. It’s my grandfather’s birthday, and he’s been dead for 10 years now. Why don’t you give me a paper cut … Continue reading

About Race

(I converted our domain, rmcsquared.net, into our professional web site and moved all personal content to this blog. This is the last content to be left sitting in draft form.) Jackson and Cassie are African-American/Caucasian, or black and white. Parenting a child of another race does come with some unique challenges. However, the information we … Continue reading

How I Feel About Pact: It’s Complicated

Recently, “Her” at Parents of Color Seek Newborn to Adopt asked people for their experiences with Pact, An Adoption Alliance. This post reminded me that I’ve been meaning to blog about our experience with Pact. As you can see by the title, it was not a good one. However, when I reflect on our experience, we didn’t so much … Continue reading

The Blogs I Read

On one post, one of the commenters mentioned my blog roll. Not all of the blogs that I read are listed there. About two years ago, I overhauled the blog. Before that, I did list all of the blogs I read in the Blog Roll, making it ridiculously long. When I chose the blogs to put … Continue reading

Book Review: A Gate at the Stairs

Back story: I have an 8-page wish list on Amazon.com, Library Books. Two weeks ago, we took Cassie for her first visit to the library. Max came too, so I got a chance to go through the list and check two books out! I heard about A Gate at the Stairs, by Lorrie Moore, from … Continue reading

She Didn’t Believe Me

My Dad volunteers at Jackson’s school on Thursday mornings. He gardens. When I picked Jackson up today, I asked him if he saw Grandpa Bob. Jackson: Yep. I sure did! Me: Was that fun? Jackson: An elementary kid didn’t believe he was my Grandpa. Me: Why not? (I figured I knew why not, but I … Continue reading

Mother's Day

Obviously, Jack does not look like me. I often stop by mirrors while I’m holding him, first because he likes mirrors, second because the dichotomy is so beautiful. Pale, Irish-looking, white as white can be me, and dark, tanned-looking, chocolate brown baby. More than one person has told me that Jack looks like Max. The … Continue reading