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Options Counseling

In 2012, I read a great post at Therapy Is Expensive. Until then, I had never heard of Options Counseling. In the adoption realm, Options Counselors counsel pregnant women, providing information and support about all of their options – abortion, adoption, and parenting. There is no pressure or coercion. In one of the first Robyn’s … Continue reading


I really wish someone would pay me to look at adoption agency and facilitator web sites and point out everything that is wrong with them. I’ve already spoken specifically about Rainbow’s End. Every so often, I will find myself at an adoption-related web site and I find statements that are just plain wrong. Here are some … Continue reading

Birthfathers in Robyn’s Adoption Land

Currently, every state has different laws when it comes to biological fathers, their rights, and their responsibilities. For example, Utah has some of the worst laws, so many adoption agencies there will fly in expectant mothers who wish to circumvent the rights of their babies’ fathers. I recently found out that, in most states, convicted … Continue reading

Robyn’s Adoption Land: Agencies

Within the United States, there are two main categories of adoption: Foster Adoption and Private Adoption. Basically, any adoption that isn’t through foster care is private. There are subcategories within private adoption: Stepparent Adoption, Agency Adoption, and Independent Adoption. Stepparent adoption is pretty self-explanatory. Similarly, agency adoption is adoption that is done through an adoption … Continue reading

Have I Ever Mentioned That I Hate Our Lawyer?

Yesterday’s post prepares you for this one, about our Louisiana lawyer. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I can’t stand the man. In this post, he will be referred to as “Lawyer” because even I am not stupid enough to publish a lawyer’s name in a derogatory blog post. If you plan … Continue reading

Cassie’s Birthfather

When we got the paperwork that Laine had filled out for Lil Snee at AdoptLink, the baby-to-be’s father was listed as “Unknown.” When I talked to Laine on the phone before the baby was born, she said she didn’t know much about the guy. When Laine talked to the social worker, the social worker’s report … Continue reading

Open Adoption Roundtable #39: Father’s Day

The Open Adoption Roundtable is a series of occasional writing prompts about open adoption. It’s designed to showcase of the diversity of thought and experience in the open adoption community. We’re up to Open Adoption Roundtable #39.   Father’s Day is coming this week in many countries. Last month we took time to write about our … Continue reading