Max & Robyn

Max & Robyn in Hair (February 1996)

Max & Robyn in Hair (February 1996)

Max and Robyn met at Carnegie Mellon University when Max was a freshman and Robyn was a sophomore. We were both involved with Scotch ‘n’ Soda, CMU’s student-run theatre organization. We became friends, and, on October 16, 1995, we became more than friends.

Robyn graduated in 1997 and headed back to California, where she was a tech writer for Netscape, then Hotmail.

While at CMU, Max was one of the founding members of the improvisational troupe, the No Parking Players. Max graduated in 1998 and moved to New Hampshire, where he became a technical writer for Oracle.

Robyn decided that she’d had enough smog and high rent, and moved to New Hampshire to be with Max in October 1998. Robyn worked for E-Travel for awhile, then Oracle bought E-Travel, and she transferred to a different division.

Our Wedding

Our Wedding (July 2002)

Max and Robyn became engaged in July 2001 and were married on July 27, 2002. We had a beautiful ceremony on Lake Mascoma in New Hampshire, followed by an 80s-infused reception. It was truly a magical day, where Robyn got to be a princess (and eat her meal!), and Max got his wish – the end of the wedding planning.

In 2003, Robyn was diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Due to her medical condition, her mother’s failing health, and a declining job market in New Hampshire, we decided to move to California. We moved to California on August 23, 2004.

The year 2005 was spent organizing the house and pursuing adoption. We were matched with a courageous young woman in October 2005, and were present for the birth of our son, Jackson, on January 17, 2006. We entered the adoption process again in March 2010 and brought our daughter, Cassandra, home in November 2011.

Max hugging Robyn

Max and Robyn at a cousin’s wedding (August 2013)

Professionally, we’re both technical writers. Max currently works for Trace Link, in North Reading, MA.

When it comes to hobbies, we both enjoy reading and watching movies and TV. Max also loves sports. Robyn loves to scrapbook, but doesn’t get to do it at all anymore.


Max was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, as an only child. In high school, he was active in sports, band, and drama. He became an Eagle Scout when he was 13. He went on to Carnegie Mellon University, where he majored in Professional Writing and Creative Writing. He has been a technical writer, technical editor, newspaper columnist, and reporter. Max is currently a writer and editor, working on training materials for the PGA. He is a life-long Steelers fan, and also roots for the Red Sox and the Patriots.

Max is quiet, smart, dedicated, loyal, funny (!!), and an excellent friend, father, and husband.

A few of Max’s favorites:

  • Favorite Movies: Hoosiers, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars
  • Favorite Book: Lamb
  • Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Professional wrestling (watching it, not participating in it)
  • Favorite Musicians: Beatles, John Williams, Journey
  • Favorite Music: classic rock, soundtracks, showtunes

Max's soccer picture Max's Senior Portrait (1993) Daddy Looks Funny in Jack's Hat!


Robyn was born and raised in Pleasant Hill, CA, the oldest of two girls. Never much for sports (though Max has been teaching her the rules), she was quite active in drama and literary clubs. She chose to attend Carnegie Mellon University, mostly because her grandfather went there when it was Carnegie Tech. She majored in Professional Writing and Performance Studies. She has been a technical writer for more than 10 years, and enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom for the first two years of Jack’s life. Robyn began working again in February 2008. She’s spent years as a technical writer, editor, and general Woman of Words. She also blogs about adoption.

Robyn is cute, hardworking, kind, huggable, caring, and tolerant. She also talks a lot and almost knows a song about almost everything.

A few of Robyn’s favorites:

  • Favorite Movies: Gone with the Wind, Star Wars, The Princess Bride, Miracle on 34th Street (with Natalie Wood)
  • Favorite Book: Jurassic Park
  • Favorite Guilty Pleasure: the Twilight saga (Go Team Edward!)
  • Favorite Musicians: Tori Amos, Indigo Girls, P!nk
  • Favorite Music: the 80s, show tunes, and bitter chick music

Robyn in the Mirror (1976) Robyn & Her Sister Ann Robyn's Senior Portrait (1992)

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