Cassie is One Year Old!

It’s hard to believe, but Cassie turned one on October 25, 2012. We tried really hard to get a good one-year photo with her bee and bear, but oh, did she make it difficult. (Plus, my flash died so I have to send my camera to Nikon. *wah!*)

Cassie with her bee, bear, and Selena doll

Cassie is One Year Old (with a blurry doll)

Cassie with her bee and bear

Cassie is One Year Old (with half her body hidden)

Cassie with her bee and bear

Cassie is One Year Old (sucking her thumb)

She says the following words: cat, Jack, no, dada, duck, mama, stop (dop!), hi, all done, boo, uh-oh, ow, and baby (which seems to mean “stuffed animal” not “baby”). She didn’t talk as early as Jackson (who said his first word at 8-1/2 months) but she is rapidly acquiring language.

She meets every milestone listed in What to Expect the First Year. (And now, I can recycle my copy of What to Expect the First Year. Woo hoo!)

She walks well. People love her “Frankenstein” walk. I think she’s doing great for just having learned at the beginning of September.

She signs two signs consistently, “more” and “all done.” She recognizes a few. She signs “cheese” back to me when I sign it to her. (She really likes cheese. Funny story: At her birthday party, I was following her around with a piece of cheese, trying to get her to eat it. My friend’s husband was looking puzzled, then kind of laughed. He said, “I was confused, because you didn’t have your camera out and you were saying ‘cheese’ but you literally meant ‘cheese.’)

She waves “hi” and “bye.” At least, she’s capable of doing so. She doesn’t usually do it on command, or in context, but she does do it. She started the week we got her ears pierced. I think the first person she really waved to was Great-Grandma (my grandmother).

She drinks from cups, both sippies and straw cups. (She got two new stainless steel cups for her birthday, too, which is awesome!)

She picks up objects with her thumb and forefinger. Like Jackson, she seems to have great fine motor skills for a baby her age.

She says “dada” and “mama.” Jackson didn’t say “mama” until he was 13 months old. It was his 13th word. At that point, I stopped counting.

She will roll a ball back to me, sometimes. Mostly, she prefers to wander around the house with the ball in her mouth, then drop it when she finds something more interesting. Or, she will roll the ball and follow it. She also kicks Jackson’s soccer balls.

She “uses immature jargoning” – that is, she babbles like she’s talking.

She responds to one one-step command without hand gestures, sometimes. That command is, “Cassie, come here.” She always stops when she hears it, and usually considers it, but it’s anyone’s guess if she’ll actually decide to do it.

She still has six teeth. I think she’s getting two more on the bottom.

We’re slowly transitioning her to cow’s milk.

She is all over the place these days. She loves to walk around and pick things up. She got her very own set of keys for her birthday, but she still wants mine, just like she wants the real remote control instead of her Elmo remote control.

I’m trying to “do” her hair everyday, even if it’s just to comb through it and stick a bow in. My problems now are that she rarely sits still, even for Sesame Street clips and Baby Einstein, and that she pulls whatever I put in her hair out of her hair, sometimes pulling out hair in the process.

For Halloween, she’s going to be a Patriots cheerleader. She was supposed to be Minnie Mouse, but she outgrew the costume, so we gave it to her friend. I look forward to posting pictures (which I’ll have to take with Jackson’s camera, because mine will be on its way to Woodland Hills.)

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