Terms I Dislike

(originally published by LiveJournal)
livejournal11Potty Learning

The word “potty” is bad enough. But “potty learning”? I’m sure it came from the AP world, because “training” is so harsh or something. A couple of people on forums and groups have the mantra “Babies are born potty trained” in their sigs. No they’re not! Babies are not born trained to do anything. They instinctually know how to eat, but even so, many have trouble latching on to bottle or breast. Babies are not born toilet trained. They void their bowels and bladder whenever the urge strikes them. They may at some point internalize a schedule for said movements, but even that isn’t training.

I hate this term, because it implies that school is bad. I understand that public schools, or schools in general, are not for every family or child. But why the glaring negative? This term actually offends me.

I’m very tired, and have tons that I could write about, but this is what struck me at the moment. Everything else would take too long.

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