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I Used To Sing

For Christmas, Max got me this Super USB Cassette Capture do-hickey. It’s basically a Walkman that connects to my computer via USB, and it allows me to convert cassette tapes to digital music files. This weekend, I used it to convert all of my vocal warmups, accompaniment, and vocals from voice lessons to MP3. My … Continue reading

The Way We Were

My mom died on May 21, 2009. My dad wanted me to sing at her funeral. My sister and I ended up cantoring the Mass, but I sang a solo during Communion. My mom was a huge Barbra Streisand fan, so I had to sing something of hers. I knew two songs – “Memory” and … Continue reading

Family History: Talents

What are some of my talents? The first one that comes to mind is singing. I sing. I miss singing. I sometimes get to sing to Jack, but often times, he prefers to sing to himself. He’s definitely got the “I randomly burst into song” thing that I’ve got. I once told him, “Mommy almost … Continue reading

He’s a Tramp

(originally posted on LiveJournal) Jack has recently (as in, since Sunday) become obsessed with The Lady and the Tramp. He likes the white dog – Peg. Peg sings “He’s a Tramp”. Jack asked me to sing it for him at bed time. So I sang… “He’s a tramp, but they love him. Breaks a new heart, … Continue reading


(originally posted on LiveJournal) My friend Jamie introduced me to Infinite Joy, a revue of songs by William Finn (Falsettos, among others). I’ve been in a showtunes mood the last few days. I started today with The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Due to the vagaries of iTunes, it was followed by “Anytime”, from Infinite Joy … Continue reading

New Year’s 2009 Update

  Jack will be THREE years old next month! Our little baby is now a big boy. Jack is very excited about turning 3, and very much wants a birthday party. “Happy Birthday” is one of his favorite songs.  Jack had a good Christmas. This year, he knew to be excited. He would ask everyday … Continue reading

Rock a Bye Daddy

Daddy and Mommy feel like we have colds. We had a carpet picnic of sandwiches and crackers for dinner. Daddy was using Jack’s cow as a pillow. Jack noticed and grabbed it. Mommy asked, “Can Daddy borrow your cow to use as a pillow?” Jack said, “No. I haf to borrow my cow.” Mommy said, … Continue reading

January Year-End Update

Jack is 2 years old! We will celebrate his 2nd birthday with a small party on January 30. (We had to postpone the party due to illness.) His grandparents are here for his actual birthday on January 17. Jack is 28 pounds, 8 ounces. He is over 33 inches tall; he will not stand or … Continue reading

Amazing Jack Tricks

I haven’t posted about how wonderful my son is for awhile, so I thought I’d try while he’s being all rambunctious with Daddy about his bath. On the way down the stairs, he started, well, babbling about something. Then I realized, he was reciting the text from the book Black Is Brown Is Tan – … Continue reading

Jack is Amazing!

Jack has had some very cute moments in the last 3 days, so without further ado, I will share them. (Then I’ll install more web design software so I can create a site for Meant to Be.) To start with the most recent first, tonight before bed, Jack and I read The Baby Goes Beep. … Continue reading