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Halloween 2013

Cassie was supposed to be Lambie from Doc McStuffins. A few snags: I wanted to sleep in this morning, so I didn’t dress her. I didn’t even wake up before she went to school. Max dressed her. Incorrectly. (Sorry, honey!) I forgot to get out the tutu she was supposed to wear. Max picked the … Continue reading

Racist Halloween Costumes?

Last year, I made a note of a CNN article, “We’re a culture, not a costume.” I meant to write about it before Halloween, but I forgot. Luckily (?), this year, similar discussions are going on concerning Halloween costumes and racism. This is my take on some of the costumes that have been denounced as … Continue reading


This year, Halloween involved five separate events: pumpkin carving, the Alice’s costume parade, trick or treating in downtown Walnut Creek, a Halloween party, and trick or treating. Jack was a bat. Why? Because Daddy is petrified of bats. Consequently, Jack has found a reason to talk about bats every day since the beginning of September. … Continue reading

Jack’s Halloween

Jack’s Halloween started with Mommy and Daddy showing up at his school’s Halloween party at 11:30. The party started at 11.  Mommy was (still is) heartbroken. We missed their performance. They sang and paraded around in their school-made shirts. We did manage to get some playtime in.       Jack convinced us to take … Continue reading

Halloween Sneak Preview

OK, so we thought Jack was going to be Super Why for Halloween. We thought we had found one of the last 3 Super Why costumes in existence on an eBay store. We were wrong. The store emailed us saying there won’t be any shipments before Halloween, and yes, we can have our money back. … Continue reading

Weekly Update, Including Halloween Plans

So, let’s see if we can actually manage a weekly update, now that Mommy has a new laptop. This was Jack’s second full week of actual pre-school. He started Montessori in July, but they do a modified program over the summer. Actual pre-school started on September 3, while we were in Pittsburgh, PA. Jack is … Continue reading

January Year-End Update

Jack is 2 years old! We will celebrate his 2nd birthday with a small party on January 30. (We had to postpone the party due to illness.) His grandparents are here for his actual birthday on January 17. Jack is 28 pounds, 8 ounces. He is over 33 inches tall; he will not stand or … Continue reading

The Fair

Tonight, we had the quintessential family experience: We went to the County Fair. Mostly, I thought that Jack would like the livestock. He loves cows, and is learning how to say the names and/or sounds of many farm animals. He now has: Moo, Cow, Baa, Goat, Hop Hop (bunnies), Cuck Cuck (chickens), and Pig. Getting … Continue reading

Ten Months

At 10 months, Jack is meeting almost all of the 10 month milestones, as well as several of the 11 month milestones in What to Expect the First Year. One of the neatest to watch is Jack practicing his fine motor skills. He can pick up very tiny objects with any combination of thumb and … Continue reading