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BlogHer 14: A Redhead’s Recap

Thursday: Fairy Tales Don’t Come True Salem to San Jose is supposed to be a drive of just under two hours. I did it in just over three. There was an accident. And rush hour. And stuff. So I missed the Sangria Soiree. Sad Robyn. On the bright side, I found parking and made it … Continue reading

How Smart Is My Daughter? E. So Smart!

I used to post “Jackson is great” stories here all the time in the beginning. I only had one kid then. Cassie has gotten the short shrift. Just as I was shutting down the computer, I remembered this story from dinner on Thursday. Cassie loves rice. We probably eat rice 2-3 times per week. She … Continue reading

Cassie Is 8 Months Old!

On June 25, Cassie turned 8 months old! Can you believe how time has flown? She popped her first tooth on June 22 during a play date. Seriously. At the beginning of the play date, she didn’t have a tooth. She was crying and screaming and unhappy (no, not much of a play date for … Continue reading

Cassie Is 7 Months Old!

It seems like she was 6 months old just a few days ago, but now, Cassie is 7 months old! There’s a story behind this outfit too. I think it came from my friend Kelly, because I’ve had it forever. It was one of the ones that I kept hung up in the closet. It … Continue reading

January Year-End Update

Jack is 2 years old! We will celebrate his 2nd birthday with a small party on January 30. (We had to postpone the party due to illness.) His grandparents are here for his actual birthday on January 17. Jack is 28 pounds, 8 ounces. He is over 33 inches tall; he will not stand or … Continue reading

Amazing Jack Tricks

I haven’t posted about how wonderful my son is for awhile, so I thought I’d try while he’s being all rambunctious with Daddy about his bath. On the way down the stairs, he started, well, babbling about something. Then I realized, he was reciting the text from the book Black Is Brown Is Tan – … Continue reading

4th of July

The 4th of July is my very favorite holiday (followed closely by Christmas – if only in my head). I love the celebration of summer. I am not patriotic, and usually do not stand for the national anthem when it is sung at baseball games and graduations. But everyone deserves a birthday, right? So Happy … Continue reading


My dad’s getting Jack an ice cream cake for his birthday. Trouble is, I’m pretty sure Jack is lactose intolerant, so I decide I’ll make cupcakes and he can have one of those with a little bit of ice cream. I got a late start on my errands today, after being up late last night … Continue reading

Ten Months

At 10 months, Jack is meeting almost all of the 10 month milestones, as well as several of the 11 month milestones in What to Expect the First Year. One of the neatest to watch is Jack practicing his fine motor skills. He can pick up very tiny objects with any combination of thumb and … Continue reading