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A Particularly Cute Evening

On October 21, I picked Jack up from preschool. Daddy went into the city to have dinner with Donovan, Gus, and Jenn. Jack was very cute and talkative that evening. Some highlights… Driving home… Jack: What O’Ryan doing? (Orion is Jack’s cousin, my nephew) Mommy: He’s sleeping. Jack: Uh-uh, the sun is not down! He … Continue reading

A Good Night to Be a Mommy

Jack was ever-so-cute tonight. The really cute stuff is at the end, so if you’re pressed for time, I suggest to scroll to the play-like dialog stuff. I picked him up from school early so we could buy new shoes. In the car, every time we went under an overpass, he would cry “A tunnel! … Continue reading

September Web Site Update

As usual, Jack is surpassing the milestones of other kids his age. This September, Jack will be 32 months old. (Soon, we can stop keeping track of months. Woo hoo!) In terms of milestones, he’s at about a  4 year level in his language, cognitive, social, and emotional milestones. He’s about average in his physical … Continue reading

Summer Recap

I know I’ve been terrible at updating this blog. I now have a new laptop, and am trying to make up for lost time. I just published a particularly cute story about Jack and Sassy. This summer has been very busy for us. Mommy’s been working, Daddy’s been working and picking up Mommy’s slack, and … Continue reading

What Your Name?

Jack is learning that everyone has more than one name. He knows his: Jackson Louis Chittister.  “I got two O’s,” he says, “Mommy and Daddy got one O.” This is true. In stories, he asks what the characters’ names are, and if we don’t know, I’ll try to get him to make them up. He’ll … Continue reading

Ten Stories About Jack

Work has been heating up, so I’ve not had a chance to do much, blog-wise. I have been jotting down notes, which add up to 10 stories about Jack. Story One – “I like” Jack is very big on sentences. His new favorite seems to be: “I like x.” and “x like me.” For example, … Continue reading

First Sunday Update

Still haven’t gotten around to announcing the existence of this blog yet. It’s work’s fault. Some goals for this blog: Posting weekly updates Cataloging Jack’s numerous words Sharing incredibly cute stories Publishing more pictures more often Adding some extra pages with Jack’s “reading list” and toy reviews So, for this week – It was a … Continue reading

January Year-End Update

Jack is 2 years old! We will celebrate his 2nd birthday with a small party on January 30. (We had to postpone the party due to illness.) His grandparents are here for his actual birthday on January 17. Jack is 28 pounds, 8 ounces. He is over 33 inches tall; he will not stand or … Continue reading

Why My Son Is Cute and Smart

(originally published on LiveJournal) It’s been awhile since I did a good Jack post, so I decided to write some random cute stuff that he’s been doing lately. The first thing that comes to mind involves his books. He’s always loved to turn the pages in books, and he loves to read. He can say … Continue reading

The Fair

Tonight, we had the quintessential family experience: We went to the County Fair. Mostly, I thought that Jack would like the livestock. He loves cows, and is learning how to say the names and/or sounds of many farm animals. He now has: Moo, Cow, Baa, Goat, Hop Hop (bunnies), Cuck Cuck (chickens), and Pig. Getting … Continue reading