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Pieces I’m Proud Of

I’m very excited about my latest piece for adoption.com: Red Flags Expectant Parents Should Watch for in Prospective Adoptive Parents Every major blog has probably posted the opposite piece: Red Flags Adoptive Parents Should Look for in Birthmothers. My piece came about because of a discussion in the Creating a Family Facebook group. The birthmothers … Continue reading

Fees in Robyn’s Adoption Land

As I’ve discussed previously, adoption is expensive. It shouldn’t be. In Robyn’s Adoption Land, adoption costs what it costs, no more and no less. What does that mean, precisely? Fees are set based on the costs of actual services. Fees are not charged based on the race or gender of the child. All adoption agencies … Continue reading

Birthmother Expenses In Robyn’s Adoption Land

If I were Queen of the United States, instead of just Queen of Robyn’s Adoption Land, everyone would have free health care. The minimum wage would rise with inflation. Food servers would have to be paid minimum wage, and tips wouldn’t count towards that. Schools would be better funded than prisons. Women would have the … Continue reading


Just a little over a month ago, I asked what my readers would like to read. Rain said she wanted to see a post about “discrimination.” As that’s been in my drafts folder for several months, and a post I’ve been wanting to write for over one year, it wins. However, this is not a … Continue reading

Top Ten Tips for Choosing an Open Adoption Agency

I’m slowly catching up on my blog reading, starting with the blogs that are usually must reads for me. This post, from Dawn Davenport at Creating a Family, is really excellent, and should prove very helpful to prospective adoptive parents and expectant parents. Top Ten Tips for Choosing an Open Adoption Agency. Speaking of choosing … Continue reading

Why I Like Nightlight Christian Adoptions

When people on forums and groups ask for agency recommendations, I always mention Nightlight Christian Adoptions. Even though we didn’t sign with them, we probably should have. Why did I like them so much? Despite the word “Christian” in their name, they do not discriminate on the basis of religion or sexual orientation. They do … Continue reading

A Certain Period in 2011

In April 2011, we were matched with an expectant mom. In June 2011, we found out that she had decided not to place her baby for adoption. Totally understandable, yes, but of course, we were disappointed. We found ourselves not knowing what to do next. In California, home studies are good for only one year. … Continue reading

Why Facilitators Don’t Exist in Robyn’s Adoption Land

In my last post, I wrote that facilitators would not exist in Robyn’s Adoption Land. First, let’s explain what a facilitator is, and why it is not an agency. American Adoptions (an agency) defines “adoption facilitator” as an “unlicensed organizations or individuals offering adoption services, which is illegal in 20 states.” Adoption.com, an information site, … Continue reading

Robyn’s Adoption Land: Agencies

Within the United States, there are two main categories of adoption: Foster Adoption and Private Adoption. Basically, any adoption that isn’t through foster care is private. There are subcategories within private adoption: Stepparent Adoption, Agency Adoption, and Independent Adoption. Stepparent adoption is pretty self-explanatory. Similarly, agency adoption is adoption that is done through an adoption … Continue reading


Nothing promising to report. We registered with Adoption Consultants Inc. to be shown when their contracted families don’t meet the expectant mothers’ needs. I contacted Adopt America 411 about a biracial girl due soon. I never heard back. I contacted Angel Adoptions about an African American girl due on July 31. I emailed them twice. … Continue reading