Cassie’s Words and Signs

I’ve had a number of people ask me what Cassie can say. I’ve also had a few people either notice her signing or talk to me about signing. Cassie watches about 3 episodes of Signing Time per day. That’s about 1-1/2 hours. Yeah, I know. Babies aren’t supposed to have any television. But I think the person who made those rules never watched Signing Time (or Baby Einstein’s  My First Signs). At age 15 months, a baby is supposed to use three words regularly, and by 17 months, six words. Cassie is 16-months old. I have lost track of how many words she has. Therefore, I am cataloging them here. Words that she also signs are indicated with an asterisk (*). Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Cat
  2. Kitty
  3. Jinxy (one of our cats)
  4. Sassy (“Sass”, another one of our cats)
  5. Mama*
  6. Dada*
  7. Jack
  8. Bear*
  9. Meme (her stuffed monkey, without whom she cannot live)
  10. Yes*
  11. No*
  12. Up*
  13. Down (“dow”)
  14. Off
  15. Light* (“lie”)
  16. Moon (“moo”)
  17. Cow* (“dow”)
  18. Diaper (“bi-per”)
  19. Duck
  20. Bird* (“burr”)
  21. Hat*
  22. Play* (her name for Signing Time)
  23. E-I-O (for the song “Old MacDonald,” Signing Time “Leah’s Farm,” or Baby Einstein Baby MacDonald)
  24. Bee (she has a bee pillow pet)
  25. Book*
  26. Read (“ree”) (she can also sort of sign this, but it’s not consistent enough for me to say she’s signing it)
  27. Box (“bok”)
  28. Block (“bawk” – it’s subtly different than her word for “box”)
  29. Ball*
  30. Stairs (“tares”)
  31. Walk
  32. Thank You* (“tank-oo” or “dank-q”)
  33. Bath* (“baa”)
  34. Poop
  35. Yuck
  36. Ew (always accompanied by a stinky-face smile)
  37. Water* (“wa-ar”)
  38. Eat*
  39. Cheese*
  40. Keys
  41. Apple* (“bupple”)
  42. Banana* (“nana”)
  43. Bread* (“breh”)
  44. Cereal* (“sear-l”)
  45. Juice (and she tries to sign it)
  46. Drink/Milk* (“nook”)
  47. Dog* (“daw”)
  48. Woof
  49. Meow (seriously, she meows)
  50. Doll* (“doe”)
  51. Baby/Babies* (when you ask her what her name is, she says “Baby” too)
  52. Car*
  53. Drive* (“dry”)
  54. Toy
  55. Door
  56. Mouth (“mou”) (and she can point to her mouth if you ask her where it is)
  57. P (which means any letter of the alphabet; we’ve recently introduced her to the alphabet song and the alphabet episode of Signing Time, so when she sees a letter magnet or hears the alphabet song, she says “P”)
  58. Go
  59. Stop* (“dop”)
  60. Phone (“faux”)
  61. This
  62. That
  63. Bra (“bruh”) (I was getting dressed, and she grabbed my bra strap and said, “This?” so I said, “Bra” and she said, “Brruh”)
  64. More* (“mo”)
  65. Hi (and she waves)
  66. Bye (and she waves)
  67. Night (“nye”)
  68. Uh-oh
  69. Oops (“ops”)
  70. Sheep* (“shee”)
  71. Shoes*
  72. Socks
  73. Boo
  74. Yay!
  75. Whee!
  76. Neigh (“nay” – which apparently, all farm animals say)

She has a few signs for words she doesn’t yet say: Farm, Fish, Horse, and Please. She’s trying to sign Cracker, but she can’t quite get it. It’s tapping your elbow, which doesn’t make much sense to her. (I can’t say it makes much sense to me either. I mean, what about the word “cracker” has to do with your elbow?)

She’s trying to say “Firefly,” our third cat’s name. Up until yesterday, she just called Firefly “Jinxy” or “kitty.” But today, she started trying out “Firefly.” It’s mostly just “Ffffie.” I think she’ll have it soon, though.

A few days ago, she said her first sentence: “Dog go woof.” You can’t argue with that. (Apparently, Jackson’s first sentence was “Hi Kitty Cat.”)

I feel compelled to mention that at least half the time, I’m watching the shows with her. The other half, I’m making a meal, sweeping, or washing dishes. Cassie also asks for “play” at random times during the day now. That’s new.

I also feel compelled to mention that Jackson talked early, and never stopped talking. He was speaking in complete, though short, sentences by the time he was about 18-months old. I didn’t think we’d get that lucky again. However, it’s highly possible that Cassie has more words than Jackson did when he was her age. She definitely has more signs. Jackson liked Signing Time, but mostly he’d just say the words. He’d only sign some of the easier or more common signs. Cassie tries to sign everything.

You would think, because she has words and/or signs for practically anything she wants, she would have stopped shrieking for no apparent reason at the drop of a hat. Sadly, this is not the case. This baby is the shriekiest baby ever. I’m sure she’ll grow out of it. Someday.

3 thoughts on “Cassie’s Words and Signs

  1. Our months of signing FINALLY paid off. She finally realized the benifit of signing herself rather then waiting for me to guess the right sign then pointing at my hands! I love the signs! We don’t have any words yet and I’m waiting for our speech eval but the signs have really made for a few less fall down shrieking sessions!

    • Your baby girl is younger than Cassie. A lot of babies don’t talk ’til later. My friend’s daughter walked early, but didn’t talk ’til she was about 18-months old. She did sign, though, and that’s where I came up with the idea.
      Signing rocks!

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