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I Want to Live in Stars Hollow

The WordPress Post-a-Day topic for August 30 was: If you could be part of any fictional universe, what would it be? And why? (For example Star Wars, Mad Men, Hamlet, etc.) Rules: You can visit for as long or short as you like. No, I do not want to live in the Twilight universe and be … Continue reading

Ten Favorite Songs

The WordPress post-a-day topic for September 3 was an easy and fun one: Write a top ten list of your favorite songs. Bizarre Love Triangle, New Order Closer to Fine, Indigo Girls Winter, Tori Amos (I have 16 versions) Rockin’ Robin, Bobby Day (it was either embrace it, or be pissed anytime anyone sang it) … Continue reading


The WordPress  post of the day for August 24, 2011: Have you been to where your parents were born? What was it like? If you haven’t been, describe how you imagine it to be. My mom was born in Pittsburgh, PA, as was my grandfather. My grandfather attended Carnegie Institute of Technology. Someone told me … Continue reading

How the Gilmore Girls Should Have Ended

So, I picked a random WordPress Post-a-Day prompt that made me happy: Change the end of any famous story, true or fiction. Think about an ending that has always bothered you or you thought could have been better. Now is your chance to fix it. I initially thought about Twilight, specifically Breaking Dawn. (No real fight? … Continue reading

I Just Want(ed) to Be a Star

Another recent Post-a-Day topic intrigued me: What occupation did you want as a child? Given what you know now as an adult (or more of one than you were), would it have been a good choice for you? For as long as I could remember, I wanted to be an actress. (Well, when I was very … Continue reading

Our Names

A recent Post-a-Day writing prompt I find interesting: What is the story behind your given name? I’ve actually written about my name before. Briefly, I was named Robin (with an I) after my dad, Robert. In 5th grade, I decided that I didn’t like the “i” and changed it to “y” – Robyn. I legally … Continue reading

Photo Post: Old

For this post-a-day photo post, I thought I’d share one of my favorite old photos. This photo shows my grandfather, Joe, with his first wife, my grandmother Norine. My grandmother died when I was 4. My grandfather died in 2005. This photo is one of my favorites because of the location. My grandparents are in … Continue reading

The Best Gift

The WordPress Post-a-Day topic for April 2 was: What is the best gift you’ve ever received? Bonus: what is the worst gift you’ve ever received? I know a number of adoptive families who would say that their children are the best gifts they’ve received. I have a problem thinking of a child as a gift, though. … Continue reading

Some Photos: Ocean and Spring

WordPress is doing this Post-a-Week/Post-a-Day thing. I committed to writing one post a week. I get topics from WordPress every day, just in case I can’t think of anything. One day per week, they give a photo post topic. I enjoy photo posts. I’ve been meaning to do them, but haven’t. So tonight, I’m going … Continue reading