Cassie Is 11 Months Old!

Cassie with her bee and bear


Yesterday, Cassie turned 11 months old. That means she’ll be ONE YEAR OLD next month!

She has 6 teeth, 4 or 5 words, and she walks!

Her words are “cat,” “Jack,” “no,” and “duck.” She also says, “dada” but that means Max and me, apparently.

She dances when music is played, or when you say “you want to dance?” She likes singing, especially “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” She’s sort of saying “eieio” when I sing “Old MacDonald.” She was a big hit at my cousin Jessica’s wedding.

Let’s see how she’s doing on her milestones…

She can get into a sitting position from her stomach. She can get up when she falls down.

She can pick up objects with her thumb and forefinger. That’s her favorite way to eat these days.

She understands the word, “no” and even says it. But does she obey it? Not really. She learned to say “no” because I kept pulling her away from the stereo. Then, she started pointing at the stereo and saying, “Nooooo.” On the plane on Sunday, she kept saying, “Nooooo.” She didn’t like being cooped up.

She can’t wave hello or good-bye yet, but she does clap her hands. Clapping means “more” or “I want that.”

She started walking on September 4 – which is Grandma Sandy’s birthday.

She’s not really pointing at what she wants yet. She claps to indicate what she wants.

Max insists she says “mama” to mean me, but I’ve never heard her say it. I think she says “dada” to mean “parental unit.”

She uses “immature jargoning” – that is, she babbles, and it sounds like she’s talking.

She doesn’t really respond well to commands, but she does occasionally respond to “Cassie, come here.”

So, basically, she’s doing all of the “should be able to” and “may possibly be able to” milestones. She’s got all but one of the “will probably be able to” milestones (wave good-bye). She does pretty much all of the “may even be able to” milestones, except responding to commands.

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