Places we go, people we see… this page is devoted to some of our favorite or most useful links, which are grouped by topic.


Being Green

  • Bringing Back the Natives: An annual tour of gardens that use plants native to California.
  • Care2: An environmental and socially conscious super site.
  • Earth 911: A great resource for recycling items.
  • Freecycle: Offer your usable but unwanted items. Ask for stuff you need. Give stuff to others. All for free!
  • gDiapers: An excellent alternative to disposables and cloth.
  • LocalHarvest: Find farms and farmers’ markets near you.
  • Moms Rising: A site to harness the power of mothers who want to make this world better for their children.
  • My Footprint: Calculate how much you personally mess up the environment.
  • Vegetarian Shoes: Lovely shoes for those of us who don’t wear animals.


Parent and Child

  • Baby Cheapskate: A blog that keeps track of sales and discounts on children’s stuff.
  • Fearless Formula Feeder: A blog whose author stands up for formula feeders “without being a boob about it.”
  • Fluoride Action Network: Site that explains why fluoride isn’t necessarily as good as we’ve been led to believe.
  • Healthy Child, Healthy World: This site offers information and advice for living an environmentally-friendly home life.
  • Holistic Pediatric Association: Information about alternatives to conventional medicine.
  • Mandy’s Moon: Excellent personalized stationery, including address labels, and gifts for adoptive or multicultural families.
  • SafeMama: A blog that is a child safety, product recall, health and well-being resource for parents.
  • Signing Time!: Teaching infants to sign means that they learn to communicate earlier, reducing frustration for all parties.


4 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Hi,

    I wanted to shoot you an e-mail thanking you for compiling so much great information and links on your website I did find couple of broken links though!

    If you are still updating your page, the company I work for has a great link that is related to your site! The site is:

    Adding this resource will make your page even more helpful for future visitors.Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Thank You,
    Cooper Brimm
    American Immigration Center.

  2. We are currently beginning our adoption process by searching for the right option of agency, lawyer, etc. I read your blog post regarding ANLC, and am sufficiently warded off… Do you have a suggestion for the best, most reputable adoption resource in Southern California?

    • You are not required to work with an agency in California, although some people prefer to work with agencies in their own states. Open Adoption and Family Services has a stellar reputation. The second time we adopted, we almost signed with Nightlight Christian Adoption’s Los Angeles office. I think those should be some good starting points.
      Good luck on your adoption journey!

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