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Disagreeing with Adoptive Families Magazine

We take a break from Robyn’s Adoption Land to disagree with a few items in the January/February 2013 issue of Adoptive Families magazine… In the article “Healthy from Their Skin In,” Dr. Brooke Johnson recommends Cetaphil Restoraderm and CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. The EWG gives Restoraderm a 3, but there is limited data about a lot … Continue reading

No, I Don’t Have to Put the Baby Down

Cassie is a baby who loves to be held. It took her more than one month before she would sleep in her crib at night. It’s only been in the past few weeks that she’ll happily lie or sit down while she’s awake. And she’s still not consistently sleeping in her crib during the day. … Continue reading

Skippyjon Jones

Tonight, Jack called me from his bed, “Mama” (he hardly ever calls me “Mama” anymore, usually “Mommy” and sometimes “Mom”, but I digress).  I went in. He asked me to get him his pillow, which had fallen on the ground. He then asked me to get “Skippyjon Jones’s dog.”  I was confused, so I felt … Continue reading


It’s 11:21pm, and my child is still awake. Last night, we were able to put Jack down for bed (asleep) by 8pm. Tonight, we tried to put him down at 8:30. Two and one half hours later, he’s still awake. Max has the habit of staying in his room until Jack is asleep or almost … Continue reading

Every Day a New Challenge

One of the catchphrases that you hear when preparing to be a new parent: “Your life will never be the same.” Well duh! I thought. But that line came back into my head yesterday morning, when Jack’s crying woke me up at 6:30 in the morning, and he continued crying, off and on, until I … Continue reading

Little Person

Jack is such the little person. He can pull the covers up, and grab and hold what he wants. There are definitely thoughts and choices being made in his mind. We’re starting to get him on a sleeping schedule so he doesn’t turn into Devil Baby (or Jack-Jack Attack for Incredibles fans). He is currently … Continue reading

Another Old Update

In the spirit of sharing every little tidbit of motherhood, this is part of an email message I wrote to my uncle Steve on 17 April: Jack is kind of looking over my shoulder while I type. You see, he had a bad day of sleep. He woke up at 5am, slept for about 45 … Continue reading

Three Months

Jack actually turned 3 months old this past Monday (4/17), but I haven’t had the chance to announce it until just now. Jack is currently throwing anywhere from a mild to a full-on Mr. CrankyPants yelling fit when he is tired, but fighting sleep. His little eyes close, he rests… for about 5 seconds, at … Continue reading

An Old Update

I’m a little behind on my chronicles of motherhood. Here’s some pertinent info from the beginning of the month: 7 April 2006 Jack is convinced that he doesn’t need to sleep during the day. This makes him cranky and whiny. I did manage to get him to sleep around 11:30am, and he woke up at … Continue reading