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BlogHer 14: A Redhead’s Recap

Thursday: Fairy Tales Don’t Come True Salem to San Jose is supposed to be a drive of just under two hours. I did it in just over three. There was an accident. And rush hour. And stuff. So I missed the Sangria Soiree. Sad Robyn. On the bright side, I found parking and made it … Continue reading

My Oldest Friend

I felt like writing, but not about the ball of stress that is my life. I remembered my bloggy resolution to finish those draft posts. I found this one, a prompt from a scrapbooking/genealogy web site I used to read. Write about your oldest friend. Where did you meet? When did you become friends? Why … Continue reading


“… friendships that stood the test of time were not those built on ‘shared demographics’ alone. Although we may find ourselves in causal friendships with women who are similar to us – in age, motherhood status, career choice, etc. – the relationships that will deepen and grow are built on much more personal and meaningful factors. … Continue reading

My Complicated Relationship with Baby Showers

The first baby shower I ever went to wasn’t a baby shower. It was a baby welcoming, for my friend’s new daughter Sophie, who was born in January. Her mom, Annemarie, didn’t want a shower beforehand because of the holidays. So instead, I hosted a baby welcoming a few months after Sophie was born. It … Continue reading

Robyn, Where Have You Been?

In March, I wrote 23 posts. So many, that at least 2 people complained that I had to slow down so they could catch up. Well, apparently, I did. I wrote only 15 posts in April and 10 in May. So, where have I been? It all really started in March. I volunteered to teach … Continue reading

Talking with Kids About Adoption

This week’s Adoption Magazine Blog Hop topic is talking with kids about adoption. Obviously, I have talked to my kids about adoption. Yes, even Cassie. She knows she has two mommies and daddies who love her very much. Well, at least, I tell her that. For her second birthday, I’ll make her a storybook just … Continue reading

10 Years

“From the moment I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” ~Rumi