Cassie is 18-Months Old!

Our darling Cassie is 18-months old. That’s 1-1/2 years! Time goes by so fast!

Cassie with her bear and bee

She’s wearing her gFleur outfit, which I’m actually going to write about separately, because I am insane.

She’s hitting most of her milestones.

“Runs stiffly and falls often.” She’s a great walker and has even started running. How good she is at running depends entirely on what shoes she’s wearing. The girl loves shoes. I swear I didn’t encourage that.  I hate shoes. She, on the other hand, will take all of my shoes out of the closet and put them on. She can do this even if I don’t help her, though I usually do when she says, “help.”

“Is able to get onto small chairs without help.” She has just started to love chairs too. She thinks it’s the coolest thing to sit in a chair. I think we may do away with her high chair soon and put her in a booster instead.

“Walks up stairs while holding on with one hand.” Eh… it depends on how many stairs. If we’re going up or down 1-3 stairs, she can do it standing up while holding someone’s hand. If we’re going up a whole staircase, she pretty much crawls up. She has learned how to go down by sliding on her bum (“slide”) or by backing down, which scares the bejeezus out of me.

“Can build a tower of two to four blocks.” I have no doubt she could do it if she wanted to. However, she’s far more interested in knocking down blocks. She’s finally stopped trying to eat the Legos every time she sees them, so she’s allowed to play with them a little bit. Unfortunately, playing usually means taking whatever Jackson is building out of his hands and taking it apart. Thus, Jackson has posted a “No babys aloud allowed” sign on the office door.

“Can use a spoon and cup with help to feed herself.” She is better with a spoon than Jackson is. Seriously. She makes less mess than he does. I won’t let her have open cups without an adult holding them, but she’s very able to drink and eat by herself. She calls spoons and forks “bite”s and doesn’t like to let us feed her at all.

“Imitates scribbling.” Cassie loves to draw! Her favorite medium is pencil, followed by pen. I can’t let her have markers, because she bites the tips off of them. I have to watch her closely with crayons, because she’ll try to eat them too.

“Can turn two or three pages of a book at a time” and “Listens to a story or looks at pictures.” She has finally stopped eating books! And she’ll even let me read some to her. She doesn’t rip them to shreds nearly as often, either. Her favorite book is one she calls, “friends” – Shades of Black, a book with pictures of multiracial children in them. She also enjoys looking at the Sandra Boynton books, Fisher-Price Little People books, and Baby Einstein books. I can read her really short stories now, and sometimes longer ones if I give her another book to look at while I read.

“Shows affection” and “Kisses parents with lips puckered.” Yup. She says, “hug” then leans in and says, “awww.” She’s trying to give kisses. I wish I could get a picture of that.

“Has separation anxiety.” She is pretty much attached to me at the hip. Everyone always told me that boys are clingier than girls, but Cassie is far clingier than Jackson ever was. She’s all about “mama.”

“Can say 10 or more words when asked.” Ummm… yeah… You may recall back in March when I wrote about Cassie’s words. She had 76. Since then, her vocabulary continues to explode. Some of her more interesting words are “Yegos” (Legos), “boo-iseeyou,” “Max,” “I sorry,” “cute,” “pre-ey” (pretty), “oh wow!,” “whoa whoa whoa,” “hay” (to feed the bunny), “Zella” (the bunny), and “Firefly” (she got it the Thursday after I wrote the words post). She can say most of the colors, but she doesn’t recognize them yet. She can say and sign a bunch of fruits and veggies too, because we got her the “My Favorite Things” Signing Time DVD for Easter. (We need #9, “The Zoo Train” so she can learn all of her animals too.) I’m sure that she has more than 100 words at this point.

“Identifies one or more parts of the body.” She knows hair, head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, hands, belly button (which she calls “buh-un”), feet, and toes. She will only point to the first body part that you ask her about though. After that, she will not perform.

“Understands and is able to point to and identify common objects.” Yup. She doesn’t do much pointing, preferring instead to drag a person (usually me) to what she wants. But she can point, and say “this” and “dat” (that).

“Often imitates.” I’m actually not sure what this means. She tries to say words that we say, even if there’s no way on earth she could do it. Jackson keeps trying to get her to say “anthropomorphism,” which is the biggest word he knows.

“Is able to take off some clothing items, such as gloves, hats, and socks.” She can take off hats and socks. In fact, she can take off hats so well, she never wore one. There just wasn’t any point. One day, it was very, very cold and I convinced her to wear a hat to the park. That was it. She can take off her socks too.

“Begins to feel a sense of ownership, identifying people and objects by saying ‘my’.” This one is kind of iffy. She knows and says “mine” but it doesn’t have that toddler possessiveness to it yet.

She has also decided to start throwing temper tantrums and going dead weight when she doesn’t want to go along with the program.

It’s pretty clear that she’s a smart one, and she’s going to be quite the fashionista. She’s started to decide what she wants to wear. She’ll say “no, no, no, cute!” when I take outfits out of the closet for her, and has gone into stores and said, “Oh wow!” at pretty clothes. Once she learns her colors, she will be unstoppable.

6 thoughts on “Cassie is 18-Months Old!

    • Oh, I know. Yesterday, I took out 3 shirts before she deemed one worthy. I mean, I’ll put her in anything anyway, it’s just nicer/easier if she wants to wear it.

  1. Baby Girl LOVES shoes as well. I try to shop as little as possible but she has always had this love of shoes. What did she crawl for the first time ever- DH’s shoes. You strike me as a practical gal- how did we end up with these fashionistas?

    She sounds like she has a big personality with real direction in life already at 18 months.

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