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Lucifer Season 3

Lucifer Season 3

Part Two of the “They Ruined Lucifer” series What really happened in Season 3. Season 3 was uneven, but it wasn’t horrible. There were some great episodes, and, aside from Chloe, all of the characters’ actions fit their characters. (One of the Lucifer Netflix Original FB group mods says that Chloe had brain damage from … Continue reading

They Ruined Lucifer (Part One)

They Ruined Lucifer (Part One)

And now, for something completely different… In 2017, I discovered Lucifer. I’d known about the existence of the comics, but I’d never read them. Then a friend of mine recommended the TV show. Needing something to watch, I binged the first two seasons just before the third season started. On September 14, 2017, I posted … Continue reading

Review of The Fosters

This entire review can be summed up in one sentence, which I said to Max after watching: “I’m pretty sure that’s not how foster care works.” You may not know it, but ABC Family recently premiered a new show, The Fosters. Teri Polo and Sherri Shaun are Stef Foster and Lena Adams, the moms to … Continue reading

The Movies and Adoption

This week’s Adoption Magazine blog hop topic is movies and adoption. I have a few thoughts on the topic, though not many. I know that’s odd for me. When I wrote for AdoptionBlogs.com, I watched and reviewed several adoption-related movies, including the much maligned horror flick Orphan. Since leaving them, I don’t think I’ve watched … Continue reading

Do Me a Favor: Don’t Watch “Birthmoms” on TLC

Tomorrow night, Thursday, May 17, TLC is going to air Birthmoms, a “reality” show about women who are considering placing their children for adoption. If it does well, they could make the show a series. I am asking you to not watch the show. Shows like these are inherently coercive. Simply calling the show “Birthmoms” … Continue reading

Parenthood’s Season Finale

Last week, I wrote about Parenthood‘s adoption story line. Tuesday was the season finale. (Yes, in February. WTF?) Ignoring all of the other events, Zoe came to visit Joel & Julia. Zoe sort of apologized, not that she really had anything to apologize for, exactly. She chose to parent her child. Some would argue that … Continue reading

Parenthood’s Adoption Story Line Is Almost Over

I really do more than just watch TV. It just happens that many of the TV shows I’m watching have adoption plots, and I’m watching shows while I create invitations for the Twilight-themed baby shower I’m planning for a friend. So, I watched Parenthood tonight. I’m not overly fond of the Parenthood adoption storyline. Joel … Continue reading