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The Evolution of My Career

I’m taking an adoption break this week, and focusing on something I’ve never really talked about before: what I do for work and how that came to be. I went to Carnegie Mellon, initially intending to major in Professional Writing, but to try and get into the College of Fine Arts. I wanted to be an … Continue reading

My Connection to Spock

I thought I had written this story on my old LiveJournal blog, but I can’t find it. Seeing as how Star Trek: Into Darkness came out last week, and Max and I are going to see it this week, I thought it might be a timely story. While at CMU, I was a Computing Skills … Continue reading

Leap You!

I knew that I had to write a post for Leap Day. When I thought about Leap Day, the phrase, “Leap you!” immediately sprang to mind, and I was back in college again… In fall of my freshman year, I was in the play Lysistrata. There was one naked woman, about a dozen men with … Continue reading

Photo Post: Old

For this post-a-day photo post, I thought I’d share one of my favorite old photos. This photo shows my grandfather, Joe, with his first wife, my grandmother Norine. My grandmother died when I was 4. My grandfather died in 2005. This photo is one of my favorites because of the location. My grandparents are in … Continue reading

Family History: On My Own

Write about leaving the nest and the first time you lived away from home. I started college in August 1993, just over a month away from my 18th birthday. To say I was homesick is an understatement. For the entire first semester, all I wanted to do was transfer to UCLA. I even got the … Continue reading

Family History: My Favorite Year

This week, I decided to write the Family History Tuesday post a little closer to Tuesday. This week’s prompt: What was your favorite school year ever? What about that year made school/education so good for you? Kindergarten was probably my favorite. I loved Kindergarten! I learned to read. I had a best friend (Dawn Lynn Workman). … Continue reading

Family History Tuesday: Education

Designz By DeDe has posted another Family History Tuesday question. (I’m kind of liking these.) What schools have you attended? What education have you received? Is there something you would like to study now? I went to Gregory Gardens kindergarten. It was a public school, and I loved it! I learned to read. Unfortunately, the school … Continue reading

A Famous Person Knows Me

Mar. 20th, 2008 at 10:13 PM Everybody has met at least one famous person in their lives. Because I went to Carnegie Mellon University, I got to meet a few famous people before they were famous and a few famous people afterwards. From the latter category, I’ve met and spoken with Stephen Schwartz (Godspell, Pippin, … Continue reading

Questions for Me, Questions for You: Meme

Aug. 17th, 2007 at 1:09 AM Leave me a casual comment of no particular significance, like a lyric to your current favorite song, or your favorite kind of sandwich, maybe your favorite game. Any remark, meaningless or not. I will respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better. … Continue reading