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Book Review: “You Don’t Look Adopted”

Book Review: “You Don’t Look Adopted”

Once upon a time, this was an adoption blog that occasionally touched on other topics. Recently, it’s been an other topic blog that has occasionally touched on adoption. I’m going to try to rectify that over the course of the year. I got a Kindle for Christmas and the first two books I read were … Continue reading

Adoption Book Club: Megan’s Birthday Tree

The Open Adoption Bloggers have started a book club. We read a book that deals with open adoption, then we write about it on our blogs. Simple and fun. Our first book is Megan’s Birthday Tree, a children’s picture book. In Megan’s Birthday Tree, Megan is an adopted child who knows and has contact with … Continue reading

Worst. Ending. Ever.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for both The Hunger Games trilogy and the Twilight saga.  For many reasons, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and read The Hunger Games trilogy. I finished The Hunger Games on the plane home from Nashville. I really enjoyed it. The ending was, well, sad, but I thought … Continue reading

Book Review: The Best for You

(I started this review last year, just awhile after I interviewed Kelsey Stewart for the Open Adoption Bloggers Interview Project. For some reason, I never published it. Gah!) I had the book The Best for You, by Kelsey Stewart on the kids’ Amazon wish lists since I don’t even know when. I know the wish … Continue reading

Book Review: A Gate at the Stairs

Back story: I have an 8-page wish list on Amazon.com, Library Books. Two weeks ago, we took Cassie for her first visit to the library. Max came too, so I got a chance to go through the list and check two books out! I heard about A Gate at the Stairs, by Lorrie Moore, from … Continue reading

Book Review: Reaching Out by Nelson Handel

Book Review: Reaching Out by Nelson Handel

This post was originally published on AdoptionBlogs.com on November 10, 2010. Republished here with permission. One of my favorite adoption books is Reaching Out: The Guide to Writing a Terrific Dear Birthmother Letter, by Nelson Handel. One of the first things Handel does is explain that the term “birthmother”, as used here, is incorrect. First, … Continue reading