Racism and Health Care

 (Originally published on AdoptionBlogs.com, Transracial/Transcultural Adoption, October 27th, 2009) I’ve been following the health care reform bills, though I can’t say I’m keeping track of the minute-to-minute changes. Personally, I support a strong public option that ensures that all Americans have access to good health care. What does this have to do with transracial adoption? My … Continue reading

Calling a Spade a Spade

(Originally published at AdoptionBlogs.com, Transracial / Transcultural Adoption, November 30th, 2009) At the end of October, the article “Pregnant Woman Requests All White Delivery Staff” caught my eye. After reading it, I knew I had to blog about it. Not for the content of the article – I mean, come on, Racism Exists in America, News … Continue reading

Letter to Governor Jerry Brown, Re: SB277

Letter to Governor Jerry Brown, Re: SB277

Dear Governor Brown, I’m sure you’re receiving thousands of letters in opposition to SB277. These are two more to add to your pile – one from my son and one from my husband and me. I’ll begin by summarizing this letter’s points: Medical decisions belong in the hands of parents and health care providers, not … Continue reading


We never intended to have another cat. When we moved to California, my wonderful, compassionate, lovable Katchoo died. Sassy remained, and, over time, became a loving, huggable kitty too. But Sassy did not like other cats. We had a kitten, Giles, for four short months (he died of FIP). Sassy had hated Katchoo, and she … Continue reading

May the 4th Be With You

For Star Wars Day, I got to write a fun article about what the Star Wars saga might have looked like if Luke Skywalker had known his adoption story… Would Luke Skywalker’s Life Have Been Different if He Had Known His Adoption Story? Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Plot   (Image credit.)

It’s May?!?! Seriously?

It’s May?!?! Seriously?

I’ve been neglecting this blog, that’s for sure. Working full time and being mom to two does not leave too much free time. I’m going to do a quick recap for my readers who read for that, then promise to go back to posting at least weekly moving forward. I’ve missed this writing! First, I’ve … Continue reading

The Duct Tape Incident and Related Stories

In 2013, I wrote a vague post about an incident that occurred at Jackson’s then-school, Antioch Charter Academy II. To make one long story short, one of the Elementary teachers at Jackson’s school is on administrative leave while being investigated for abuse. The family of the child whom she allegedly abused is suing the school … Continue reading