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November 8th

My mom still has a Facebook page. I’m not sure how to make it go away. I’d probably have to get my dad’s permission to do it, and I’m not sure I want to have to take that three-way phone call. (Remind me to tell you the story of his cable bill.) Anyway, the fact … Continue reading


Jackson turned 10 on January 17, 2016. He opted not to have a birthday party this year. Instead, he’s going to a professional wrestling show with Max next month. Jackson’s birthmother and I exchanged text messages on Sunday. I always feel awkward trying to express how I feel about her and the incredibly difficult decision … Continue reading


September 26, 1975 May 1986 (age 10) Aunt Carol & Uncle Jon’s Wedding   February 1996 (age 20) Max and Robyn in Hair   September 25, 2005 Celebrating Robyn’s 30th Birthday September 26, 2015 Celebrating Robyn’s 40th Birthday

Jackson’s Minecraft Birthday Party

Jackson’s Minecraft Birthday Party

Jackson turned 8 last Friday! It seems impossible, but it’s true. He wanted a Minecraft birthday party at the gym at which the kids take swimming lessons. Now, I know nothing about Minecraft, so thank God for the Internet! Pinterest was my friend. There aren’t any commercially available Minecraft party supplies, so I was going … Continue reading

Cassie’s Doc McStuffins Birthday Party

A few people have actually asked me why I haven’t posted pictures from Cassie’s Doc McStuffins birthday party. This post is for those people, especially Kirstin. As this was a Doc McStuffins party, the colors were pink and purple. I made doctors’ kits for the 5 and under guests. These were baby wipes containers, spray … Continue reading

Cassie Is Two!

It really doesn’t seem possible, but this tiny baby: Is now this adorable toddler: When I asked her to pose for the photo, she actually complied. Then, I pointed the camera at her and said, “Say Birthday!” and she did! This was the first take. She’s reached all of her 2-year old milestones. Apparently, she’s … Continue reading

Party Politics: Toddler Edition

No, this isn’t a post about the Republicans holding their breaths ’til they get their way. This is a post about Cassie’s 2nd Birthday Party. (And with two exceptions, all names are fake to maintain privacy.) After last year’s extravaganza, I said that, next year (meaning this year), instead of having a party, I would … Continue reading


Jackson turned seven today. It hardly seems possible. I have to update his page and add some new pictures. He’s lost 4 teeth so far and has an adorable toothless grin that says, “I’m no baby, I’m a big kid!” He’s not having a birthday party. We gave him the option of a birthday party, … Continue reading

Cassie’s First Birthday Party

Cassie turns one (1!) on October 25, but we had her party on October 21. I went a little nuts. Due to some bad luck, she never got a baby shower. Due to the laws in Louisiana, the adoption hasn’t been finalized yet, so she never had a Welcome Party to celebrate her finalization. So … Continue reading

Jackson’s Lego Animal Birthday Party

It’s been over a week, but I wanted to post some pictures from Jackson’s Lego animal birthday party. Jackson and I made these Lego minifigure head marshmallow pops: From January 2012 Jackson’s 6th Birthday The secret to getting the black gel icing to stay on their faces? Let them air dry overnight. They’re quite yummy. … Continue reading