Cassie is 10 Months Old!

Due to Soccer Drama last weekend, I’m very late on two important events that occurred Saturday, August 25th. The first was Jackson’s Adoption Day. The second was Cassie’s 10 month “birthday.”

Cassie with her bear and bee

10 Months Old

We had her wear her Pittsburgh Pirates outfit because it was just about to be too small, and the Pirates are actually doing well this year. Woo hoo! (BTW, I made the bow in her hair.)

She had five teeth last Saturday, and had added one more by this Friday. Have I mentioned that we love Hyland’s Teething Tablets?

She said her first word on August 23: Cat! She said it to Firefly, in my bedroom. She repeated it twice. She’s said it since. (On August 29, she said her second word: Jack. I didn’t hear her say it ’til August 31, but Jackson and Max insist she said it earlier.)

She signed her first word on August 10: More. She clapped, actually, but it really meant more. You can see it on the video. She only has the one sign. She seems to understand the concept of signing, but just doesn’t do it very much yet. She doesn’t wave “bye bye” yet.

Cassie is standing and cruising as much as possible. She will be walking soon. (She actually took a step and fell down yesterday at the park, and another today.) She can totally manipulate her body to get from lying down to sitting or standing, sitting to standing, standing to sitting, and so on.

She does object if we try to take something away from her. She’s learned not to object if we take the remote control, because she seems to know we’re going to take that away. She really hates it when we get something out of her vicious pincher grasp. She totally understands the word “no.” She just doesn’t care more often than not.

She babbles “mamamama” and “dadada” and “yeahyeahyeah.”

We play peek-a-boo with her, and she loves it. She does not play back.

It’s interesting, because What to Expect the First Year tells me that there are things she will should or will probably be able to do that she doesn’t:

  • play peek-a-boo back with us
  • exchange gestures
  • wave goodbye

But it also tells me that there are things she may possibly or may even be able to do that she’s been doing for some time now:

  • stand alone well (started about July 10)
  • roll a ball back (started this month)
  • drink from a cup independently (started when she was about 4 or 5 months old)
  • pick up a tiny object with tips of thumb and forefinger (started a month or two ago)
  • say one word other than “mama” or “dada” (started August 23)

I look forward to the day when she can point to what she wants, or communicate her needs in ways other than shrieking.

She enjoys her food. She’s had fish and turkey now. She has yogurt for breakfast every morning. Lunch is usually some sort of fruit and grain puree. Dinner involves pureed vegetables and some of what we’re eating. Last weekend, I gave her eggs. I didn’t intend to. Jackson and I were eating breakfast for dinner, Cassie saw the eggs, and started signing “more more more” and shrieking. I decided to save our eardrums and give her the eggs, which she loved. She woke up that night covered in hives. So, no more eggs for awhile. She is not allergic to peanut butter, but it confuses her, so she doesn’t eat it. She is not allergic to strawberries, which she has had in purees with apples and other fruits.

For the record, Jackson’s first three words were: “Hi,” “Daddy,” and “Cat.” “Mama” was number 13. I stopped counting after that. Remember when Jackson was 10 months old?

2 thoughts on “Cassie is 10 Months Old!

  1. We use baby sign and love it. If I sign milk and she wants milk she grabs my hand and pulls it to her mouth. I can’t wait for her to tell me but at least I can offer and she can tell me. There have been times she has eaten recently but is melting down I signed milk and she was starving! I’ve said it before but I love your development updates!

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