Just Jackson

Jackson on his bikeJackson was born on January 17, 2006. His adoption was finalized on August 25, 2006.

Max’s grandfather’s name was John. Robyn liked the name Jack (a derivative of John), and Max had a dream in which our child was called Jackson. Louis is in honor of Max’s uncle Louis Rose, who died in May 2005.

He loves to play pretend, make up songs, do arts and crafts projects, and play outside. He can build the most interesting creations from Legos. He loves to dress up as superheroes and other characters.  Jackson’s interests include PBS Kids, cartoons, superheroes, animals, numbers, running around being crazy, and soccer.

Jackson started asking for a baby sister when he was 18 months old. While it hasn’t exactly been all he may have dreamed of, he does love his baby sister. Most days.

With Jackson, we have read many adoption-related books and answer his questions as he asks them. He’s always known that he was adopted, he knows that he grew in someone else’s belly, so he has two moms. He’s also asked a bit about his birth father, and we’ve shared the age-appropriate information that we have.

As you can see, Jackson is a brown child. (He’s in the literal phase right now. If you call him black, he corrects you and says he’s brown. We’ve told him that a lot of people call people with brown skin “black” and he thinks they’re silly.) His birthmother is probably 1/4 Black, 3/4 White. His birthmother’s mother was adopted, so we don’t really know. She was also born in Germany, which is part of why we don’t usually use “African American” to describe Jackson. Jackson’s birthfather is Black, but we don’t know his heritage.

When I blog about Jackson’s birth family, S is his birthmother and K is his birthfather. S’s mother is Greta and S’s sister is M. S has three children whom she did not place for adoption, and I refer to them as Iggy, Princess A, and CJ.

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