Just Jackson

Jackson was born on January 17, 2006. His adoption was finalized on August 25, 2006.

Max’s grandfather’s name was John. Robyn liked the name Jack (a derivative of John), and Max had a dream in which our child was called Jackson. Louis is in honor of Max’s uncle Louis Rose, who died in May 2005.

At the present time, Jackson is probably reading this page. He’s online and on screens probably more than he should be. He’s appeared in two musicals and one play locally and he’s involved in Lego Robotics.

When I blog about Jackson’s birth family, S is his birthmother and K is his birthfather. S’s mother is Greta and S’s sister is M. S has four children whom she did not place for adoption, and I refer to them as Iggy, Princess A, CJ, and Cheerio.

Jack at 9 Months  December 31: Happy New Year!  Jack's School Picture  Jack Shows Off the Spider He Made in School  Jack Dressed as a Knight Jack as Harry Potter  Jackson Soccer 2011 Jackson on his bike

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