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Legal, Just, Right, and Wanted

There is a difference between what is LEGAL, what is JUST, what is RIGHT, and what you WANT. ~ Greg M. My husband’s friend posted that as his Facebook status once upon a time. I asked him if I could borrow it. He said yes. <insert evil laugh here> OK, not really. I like this … Continue reading

It’s Not About Homeschooling

It’s Not About Homeschooling

Last week, two very different conversations happened about one incident on two Facebook groups: 13 victims, ages 2 to 29, kept shackled in foul Perris home by parents, officials say. The headline actually explains it pretty well. A couple has 13 kids whom they didn’t feed and kept shackled in their rooms. (Except when they … Continue reading

How TPR Works Now

TPR is an abbreviation for Termination of Parental Rights. Before an adoption can take place, the biological* parents’ rights must be terminated. In private domestic adoption, the biological mother usually – probably always – signs the TPR herself. TPR for biological fathers can be a bit trickier, because each state treats them differently, and some … Continue reading

How Do Birthmother Expenses Work?

This is the first in a three part series about birthmother expenses. Birthmother expenses are expenses that prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) pay to or for expectant mothers (e-moms) during and just after pregnancy, and, hopefully for the PAPs, placement.  The expenses are supposed to be pregnancy related, but what that means and how much PAPs … Continue reading

Baby Veronica, What a Mess!

The Supreme Court issued opinions about more than just gay marriage in June. Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl is one case that a lot of the adoption community had been watching. If you read the comments about the case and the myriad of article it has spawned, it’s clear that most people have a preset … Continue reading

So What?

I found this link in a draft post from just before Christmas: Senate Passes Adoption Legislation Before Holiday Break. When I first read the article, I got all excited, because of this paragraph: … the Intercountry Adoption Universal Accreditation Act of 2012 will for the first time standardize the accreditation process for all adoption service providers … Continue reading

Have I Ever Mentioned That I Hate Our Lawyer?

Yesterday’s post prepares you for this one, about our Louisiana lawyer. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I can’t stand the man. In this post, he will be referred to as “Lawyer” because even I am not stupid enough to publish a lawyer’s name in a derogatory blog post. If you plan … Continue reading

If I Were In Charge of Adoption Laws

There’s an interesting thread on the Adoption.com forums this week. My answers are so long, I thought I’d blog them. Lucky you! If you were in charge, what would the [adoption] laws say? Before I answer the questions, note that all of the laws would be FEDERAL. This mish-mash of state laws is crap. 1. … Continue reading

Adoption Carnival: What Do You Want Reformed?

This post was originally published on AdoptionBlogs.com on January 29, 2010. Republished here with permission. The topic for Grown in My Heart’s Adoption Carnival V: Adoption Reform means so many things because we all come from different parts of the adoption community. To you reform may mean making original birth certificates available to every adoptee, … Continue reading