Jack’s First Haunted House (and Other Stories)

Tonight, we went to a haunted house at the Danz Biz Dance Company in downtown Antioch. We went, because we’re trying to get out more and see people, so we’ve joined a Meetup group (Creative Kids) and one of the families we met invited us to go.
I didn’t want to. I hated haunted houses as a child, and I really thought Jack would be scared. But then I thought, “Do I really think he’ll be scared? Or am I projecting my childhood onto him?” So, because I didn’t want to be a wimp, and because I like the other family, I said yes.
Bad. Idea.
I don’t know if anyone from CMU reads this, but, we used to do the “Chamber of Horrors” in the second subbasement of Margaret Morrison. We hung black drapes and created a maze, and each portion had its own scenes. It was a lot of fun. But it was scary. The Danz Biz Haunted House followed that motif.
I just walked through with Jack as quickly as I could without offending anyone. I pointed out the neat things to Jack, like the spider webs, and the Halloween lights. He started to cry at one point, and I just walked really fast and turned the corner. Fortunately, it was a forest scene. And although we could tell that the kids would normally jump out of the trees, in our case, they had taken off their masks and were peeping “Happy Halloween”. Thank God. At the end, there was candy. And although we hadn’t eaten dinner yet, I let Jack have an entire lollipop, because I did not want him to remember the scary part. I wanted him to associate it with candy.
On the way to the Haunted House, Jack asked, “Is there breakable stuff in there?” So cute!
We’re supposed to go to the Haunted Library on Monday, but I think not. Even if it is meant for little kids, I don’t want to take the chance of scaring the crap out of Jack. I’m trying very hard to accentuate the positive aspects of the dark. I was afraid of the dark far longer than I care to admit, and it’s a fear I don’t want him to have.
Words Words Words

As we all know, Jack is a verbal giant. This evening, after the Haunted House, we went for a walk on a pier. He pointed at the pier posts and asked, “What those?”. I said “Piers”. He said, “They logs!” I didn’t know he knew the word “logs”.
Other words he likes to say: “O’Ryan” (for Orion, his cousin), “properly”, “I may?”, “Jackson Louis Chi-is-ter”.
Dr. Singer

Jack loves his doctor. He knows his doctor’s name: “Doctor Singer”. We’ve had a few conversations about Dr. Singer.
Driving near Dr. Singer’s old office…

Jack: That my doctor’s office?
Mommy: That was your doctor’s office. But he moved.
Jack: Which one we walk to?
Mommy: We could walk to this one, but the one he moved to is far away.

Driving to the Haunted House, so we passed Dr. Singer’s old office again…

Jack: That not Dr. Singer’s office.
Mommy: No, that not Dr. Singer’s office. We’re going to see a new doctor next week.
Jack: (nervous) I like Dr. Singer!
Mommy: I like Dr. Singer too. We’re just going to see this new doctor so he can look at your ears. How do your ears feel?
Jack: They all bedder.
Mommy: Good. The new doctor is just going to look at your ears.
Jack: My ears all bedder. (Puts his hands on his ears.) I keep my hands here to keep them all bedder.
Mommy: Oh, honey, you don’t have to do that! We’re just going to see this new doctor so he can see if your ears are all better.
Jack: They ARE all bedder.
Mommy: Good, then if they’re all better, he’ll tell us that.
Jack: They are bedder.
Mommy: OK Jack. But Dr. Singer wants us to see this new doctor so he can check your ears. We’re not leaving Dr. Singer. We’re just going to see this new doctor just so he can check your ears.
Jack: (mollified) Dr. Singer check my eyes too.
Mommy: That’s right, Dr. Singer checks your eyes, but this doctor will just check your ears.
Jack: What new doctor’s name?
Mommy: I have to look it up. (Finds business card.) Dr. Rosen.
Jack: Dr. Rosen?
Mommy: Yes.
Jack: Sassy doctor, Dr. Hage-eh-men.
Mommy: Yes, Jack. Sassy’s doctor is Dr. Hagerman.

During dress up…

Last weekend, Jack put on his breathing mask and decided he was a doctor. I asked if he was Dr. Singer. He said, “No, I Dr. Hage-eh-man”. He says it as 3 distinct syllables.

Before bed time…
Jack: Where my medicine?
Mommy: Daddy said you don’t need to take your medicine anymore. You’re all done.
Jack: (jumps down from my lap and runs to the door) I do need it! Dr. Singer said I need my medicine to make my ears feel bedder!
Jack can now grab the medicine dropper, put it in his mouth, and push the plunger all by himself. How did we luck out on that?

Out of the blue…
Jack: What happened to the baby?
Mommy: The baby at Dr. Singer’s?
Jack: Yeah.
Mommy: The baby got shots.
Jack: The baby got shots.
The last time we were at the doctor’s office, there was a baby crying. We found out it was because the baby was getting vaccinated. We don’t vaccinate (OK, Jack had 3 shots for Hib) so Jack didn’t know what the fuss was about. For the past week, he’ll randomly bring up the baby getting shots. Mostly, he seems to be empathetic to the baby’s plight.

By the way we LOVE Dr. Singer. Dr. Richard Singer, with Sutter Delta Medical Group, in case you’re looking for a pediatrician in Antioch or Brentwood.
We’re the Same

Sometime in the late summer, Jack discovered the idea of “the same”. He now notices whenever anything is “the same” as what he has. So, for example, Daddy drinks Pepsi and Jack has a cup that says Pepsi on it. Jack says, “We got the same!”
He pointed to our roof and said, “We got a brown roof.” Umm… OK… we do, but I hadn’t really noticed. Then, he pointed to our neighbors’ roof. He’s friends with the kids there. He said, “They got a brown roof! They got the same!” He’s right. We do. Jack really does pay a lot of attention.
Line Up

Jack is also into lining objects up. He will take his bath toys and line them up one by one on the side of the tub. He takes his play food and lines it up on the carpet. He’ll line up the crackers or other food that he’s eating. It’s just neat to watch.

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