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California Candidates on Mandatory Vaccination

California Candidates on Mandatory Vaccination

I’ve emailed most of the candidates for the following positions: US Senator US Representative (5th District) County Supervisor (Sonoma) Why most? Well, one of the candidates for US Senator is all about climate change and nothing else. His web site proclaims that he would take everyone’s money just to fight climate change. I was pretty sure … Continue reading

Where Are We Going and Why Are We In This Hand Basket?

Today, I’m going to talk about something I don’t usually write about: politics. Despite the fact that most of my state’s Democrats threw all Californian children under a bus, I am still a registered Democrat. Although, that’s only because I can’t change my party affiliation online. But I am a liberal. When I take the “Which … Continue reading


The SB277 referendum did not make the November 2016 ballot. That means that SB277 will be implemented by July 2016. Cassie cannot go to Transitional Kindergarten. We thought about keeping her in preschool for another year, but there are two problems with that: We don’t want her to stay in preschool for another year. We … Continue reading

My 1-Hour Referendum Signature Adventure

For reasons I don’t feel like getting into, I have not been volunteering to get signatures for the referendum against SB277. My Facebook profile picture, however, is this: Jackson’s school finally created an all-school Facebook group, which I joined immediately upon learning about it. I think I was one of the first 10 members. One … Continue reading

Letter to Governor Jerry Brown, Re: SB277

Letter to Governor Jerry Brown, Re: SB277

Dear Governor Brown, I’m sure you’re receiving thousands of letters in opposition to SB277. These are two more to add to your pile – one from my son and one from my husband and me. I’ll begin by summarizing this letter’s points: Medical decisions belong in the hands of parents and health care providers, not … Continue reading

Please Don’t Get Your Children This Vaccine

Scene: A doctor’s office. Doctor: We’d like to give your daughter this vaccine. She has a 50% chance of experiencing side effects from regular headaches to nerve damage, and even death. Parent: That sounds a little ominous. What are the benefits? Doctor: Well, the truth is, we don’t know. Parent: What do you mean you … Continue reading

We Don’t Vaccinate

We don’t vaccinate. I don’t write about it much here. Partly because people from Jackson’s school read this blog and I don’t want them to freak out (although they probably already know as they’re also my Facebook friends). Partly because I hate the vaccine debate and don’t want to bring it here (any insulting comments … Continue reading

First Sunday Update

Still haven’t gotten around to announcing the existence of this blog yet. It’s work’s fault. Some goals for this blog: Posting weekly updates Cataloging Jack’s numerous words Sharing incredibly cute stories Publishing more pictures more often Adding some extra pages with Jack’s “reading list” and toy reviews So, for this week – It was a … Continue reading