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Apr. 29th, 2007 at 10:26 PM I had a bad day, but not in the normal bad day way.For the past several nights, I’ve not been able to sleep well, despite the drugs. Last night, I had a major attack of heartburn, and was still awake at 3:30am. Today is my scrapbooking day. But I … Continue reading

Bad Mommy

I am having a bad Mommy day. Or days, really. Jack is flip-flopping between taking 1 long nap and 2 short naps per day.  With one exception, I have not been able to get him to sleep for a nap. Max has, but not me. I even did what Max said he did, and Jack … Continue reading

Ten Months

At 10 months, Jack is meeting almost all of the 10 month milestones, as well as several of the 11 month milestones in What to Expect the First Year. One of the neatest to watch is Jack practicing his fine motor skills. He can pick up very tiny objects with any combination of thumb and … Continue reading

Nine Months

At 9 months, Jack is meeting pretty much all of the milestones listed in What to Expect the First Year. He’s figured out the “If I drop it, it still exists and Mommy and Daddy will pick it up for me” game. He does not crawl, but he does creep, schooch, and roll himself all … Continue reading

Eight Months

  At 8 months, Jack is meeting most of the milestones listed in What to Expect the First Year. He loves to stand up, usually holding onto our hands or fingers, but in the last few days, he’s also been standing holding onto our legs, the stair rail (don’t worry, we measured and his head … Continue reading

Catching Up

I am currently catching up on email from April. I have decided to place anything of interest in this one post, then I do not have to write email to everyone I know. I’m not lazy, I’m just a person who can only get things done when the baby is asleep. People ask about work, … Continue reading

Tales from Mommyhood

In my last post, I said that my next post (that is, this post) would involve Baby Bodily Fluids. I know all of you are waiting to read about them, so I will not make you wait any longer. Jack likes to fly — we pick him up and raise him horizontally over our heads. … Continue reading

All Purpose Update

I never explained where “I’m the Mommy” came from. In the TV show “Mad About You” Jaime (Helen Hunt) has interviewed for a job, and somehow Paul (Paul Reiser) runs into the hiring manager, sees his family picture and tells the guy that he and Jamie are “trying.” Jamie finds out and is pissed when … Continue reading

I’m the Mommy

Anyone who reads Max’s journal will know that Jack is not taking naps. We’ve actually resorted to cry it out (twice) and each time Jack spent an hour crying. Screaming, really. I have no desire to repeat the performance, as I fear he will become afraid of his crib. I’ve been reading three books searching … Continue reading

An Old Update

I’m a little behind on my chronicles of motherhood. Here’s some pertinent info from the beginning of the month: 7 April 2006 Jack is convinced that he doesn’t need to sleep during the day. This makes him cranky and whiny. I did manage to get him to sleep around 11:30am, and he woke up at … Continue reading