An Old Update

I’m a little behind on my chronicles of motherhood. Here’s some pertinent info from the beginning of the month:
7 April 2006
Jack is convinced that he doesn’t need to sleep during the day. This makes him cranky and whiny. I did manage to get him to sleep around 11:30am, and he woke up at 1:30pm. Not bad. But, after eating and being awake for 1 1/2 hours, he still didn’t want to nap. I did. I tried. I think we may have gotten about a half an hour of sleep. He decided to start crying for his dinner at 5pm. I had left the formula out on the counter, so I had to open a new can, and spilled a decent amount of it on the counter. I fed him, he was happy. After the bottle was gone, he erupted in screams. Gas. I got him to calm down and burp, and we sat together watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Out of nowhere he started to fuss and cry. I decided to put him in an outfit that wasn’t covered in spit-up. (Oh, the glamorous life of a mother!) He actually became much happier lying down on the ottoman. He was happy and “talking” (ah-goo!, guh! gee!) so I called Max’s mom so he could “talk” to her. I got to spend about 2 minutes on that, before Jack got fussy. He hates me having the phone on my ear. Anyway, after changing him, I put him in his brand new baby swing. My grandmother bought it for us, Max picked it up and put it together yesterday. Jack likes it! I was able to sit next to him for awhile, then I started checking email. Then he started fussing. He was fighting sleep. I brought him upstairs (crying) and then put him down in his crib with his binky (pacifier) and his teddy blanket. He hasn’t made a peep since.
Aside from the last week or so, Jack really is the best baby. And this last week is about him not wanting to miss anything. He’s incredibly alert, looking all over the place, making eye contact with people. He follows us with his eyes whenever Max or I leave a room. He knows we’re his parents! So, we’re happy about all of that. AND he sleeps at night, from about 11 or 12 to 4 or 5. Max gets the first early-morning meal.
His birthmom and I are trying to call each other once a week, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Either I remember too late to call (she’s 2 hours ahead, time wise) or when I call she’s not there. I’m sending tons of pictures to her. I have a number of them right now, but I need to write on them and put them in order. I’ve got to make this easier, or I’ll never get any time to myself again. I haven’t done any scrapbook work since December. I really miss it.


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