Ten Months

Jack at 10 Months

At 10 months, Jack is meeting almost all of the 10 month milestones, as well as several of the 11 month milestones in What to Expect the First Year. One of the neatest to watch is Jack practicing his fine motor skills. He can pick up very tiny objects with any combination of thumb and fingers. This means that he cleans our carpets for us. Fortunately, he’s getting better about obeying the command, “Not in the mouth.”
The most amazing event that happened this month? Jack crawls! We even have the movie to prove it. We believe the first sight of this crawling was on November 6. It’s a funny kind of crawl in which he tucks one leg under the other and kind of tries to get up off the ground. Jack is standing while holding onto objects and is starting to cruise. He can stand by himself for very short periods of time. Usually, by the time he figures out he’s standing, he falls. However, when he holds onto pieces of furniture, he does squats to see how far he can get to the ground without falling. Sassy is getting used to this mobile Jack, and will generally move at the last possible moment before Jack can get to her. However, Jack does appear to be learning patience in dealing with Sassy. He will now just look at her instead of always grabbing.

Jack loves to topple towers, especially of the nesting blocks that Michael F. gave him. We play zoo with the stuffed animals, and he knows that Simba goes “wiggle wiggle wiggle pounce!”. His favorite book is currently Amazing Baby, I Love You, given to us by Melissa G. Jack can turn the pages himself!

We’re also getting naps under control! Many thanks to the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Jack is a much happier human being when he gets enough sleep.

Jack had a cold (his second, for the record) on Halloween, so he only went trick or treating at our next door neighbors’ house. We ended up getting the cold too, thus illustrating our need for a baby-sitter. Any volunteers? Suggestions?

Jack has been making a very funny face for the past month or so, which can be seen on his official ten month photo. He likes to scrunch up his face and show his teeth, kind of like a shrew. Mimicking is also big with him, like shaking his head when Mommy shakes her head. We think he understands the word “no” he just doesn’t obey it. Stop! works much better.

His culinary horizons have been broadened with the introduction of chicken and sweet potato dinner and Cheerios. He’s eating more solids each day and is just now beginning to prefer them over formula, it seems.

Jack still has two words: Hi and Daddy. He loves to babble, and sometimes you’d swear he was really saying real sentences. Like, “Not that” for example. We’re still signing certain words to him in the hopes that he’ll pick it up. He’s waved twice, kind of by accident, but we think he’s almost there. He does get that waving means something, and will usually say “Hi” to us when we wave.

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