• Apr. 29th, 2007 at 10:26 PM
No Evil

I had a bad day, but not in the normal bad day way.
For the past several nights, I’ve not been able to sleep well, despite the drugs. Last night, I had a major attack of heartburn, and was still awake at 3:30am. Today is my scrapbooking day. But I didn’t feel inspired to scrapbook. I should have finished journaling last week’s pages (July & August), but instead kind of went back and forth from journaling to checking email, reading forums, etc. I feel really awful because I just pissed the day away. I could have done something productive, but I didn’t feel like I could. So I slogged on with scrapbooking, and yes, I will probably finish the journaling soon. But I should have finished it hours ago and have finished the rest of August.
I have a lot of crap on my mind:

  • My aunt’s funeral is this coming weekend, so we’re going on a trip. I’ve been asked to do the program for her funeral Mass.
  • I seriously can’t get anything done while Jack is awake, but  I have to nap when he naps because otherwise I’m too tired to take care of him properly. So I have to stay awake until all hours to get anything done. It’s so self-defeating.
  • Max has been really depressed and angry lately.
  • There’s been a little bit of MOMS Club politics drama.
  • Jack’s nap schedule is changing from two naps to one.
  • I’m involved in these forums, mostly about adoption. And I really enjoy that, but they are such a time sink! I don’t know if I should just quit, or what.

One of the things I did today was read an article, sent to the Vaccinations forum I recently joined, about a mom who plopped on the floor in an iParty store to breastfeed her 2 month old, then got angry when the manager asked her to go to the restroom. Why was this on a Vaccinations forum? Who knows! All but one person said that the guy should be in therapy because he obviously wasn’t loved as a child. That one person said, “It’s possible to be a natural parent and a lady.” I posted that I agreed – too many people are into making a point. Ironically, I did this to make a point, and have no intention of reading any of the replies, because I’m sure to be pilloried. Pisses me off when people get up on their high horses. You can be for breastfeeding and for privacy at the same time.  I really don’t want to discuss it per se. I just hate the I’m right, you’re wrong (probably because you weren’t breastfed) mentality. And by people who can’t even SPELL!
I’m going to try and finish the journaling that I should have finished before dinner. Which was cereal and fruit because I didn’t feel like cooking. I’m just in an overall bad mood funk, and I hope I can sleep tonight, because I think that would go a long way toward making me feel better.
I have so much STUFF to get done before we leave!!!!!

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