All Purpose Update

I never explained where “I’m the Mommy” came from. In the TV show “Mad About You” Jaime (Helen Hunt) has interviewed for a job, and somehow Paul (Paul Reiser) runs into the hiring manager, sees his family picture and tells the guy that he and Jamie are “trying.” Jamie finds out and is pissed when the guy has to rethink hiring her. She complains that she shouldn’t have to give up her work, why should she have to change everything in her life? “Because I’m the Mommy?” Paul: “Yeah.” Jamie: “I’m the Mommy?” Paul: “Yeah.” Jamie: “Oh God, I’m the Mommy!”
Thus, it dawns on the woman that everything changes when you’re the mommy, and supposed to have all of the magical answers and unlimited patience, along with the ability to sing endless verses of Old MacDonald and not repeat animals.
Which reminds me: Awhile back, I was singing Old MacDonald to Jack and Max was helping. (HILARIOUS!) Then, I got bored and started: Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are? Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky. Old MacDonald had a star… ”
Jack will now nap with me in the morning/early afternoon. So I’m well rested, but not getting anything done. I’m behind on sending pictures to his birthmom, I have a pile of thank you notes begging to be sent, and I haven’t touched my scrapbooking stuff in ages. And then, Jack will not nap during any other part of the day. The best we can get is, sometimes, he screams himself to sleep and can be put down in his swing. I’m sure that the nap problems have something to do with pain, either from teething or reflux, but he sleeps so well at night. He can be put into the crib awake, and as long as he gets his binky, he goes right to sleep. He also spits his binky out about half an hour into his sleep. It’s so cute! And no, he doesn’t normally cry for it back.
In other Jack news, he’s 12lbs., 6oz., which is small for his age. However, his birthparents are short people, so this is to be expected. He is learning to “sing” — I can’t describe it and do it justice, but it’s really cute. (Although Max finds it aggravating.) He’s hitting all of his milestones, more or less. He won’t do tummy time; he immediately flips over onto his back.
I’m in Weight Watchers. I’ve lost about 10 pounds so far, but the last 3 weeks, I’ve gained little tiny amounts. While I’d like to think it’s because I’m building muscle from carrying 12 pounds around for most of the day, it is more likely that I am not counting points correctly. Eating and remembering what you eat are both difficult tasks when I can get maybe 20 minutes of not interacting with Jack. He plays by himself, but likes intermittent attention, along with verse after verse of Old MacDonald.
My friend Annemarie is getting married at the end of July and I’m a bridesmaid. However, I’m a bad bridesmaid because I haven’t gotten with the other bridesmaid to plan the shower yet.
We had our third post-placement visit Tuesday, and it went well. Jack was awake and happy for it. It’s the last one, then she’ll send her reports to our lawyer and we’ll go to Missouri. In August, after which, we will go and show Jack to Max’s extended family in Pittsburgh.
I’ve recently reconnected with 2 of my high school friends: Adri (Slovick) Frick and Yoon-Soon (Cindy) Cho. It’s so great to have friends!
Of course, Max is rather depressed because he doesn’t have many friends out here, and the ones he does have live far away. That reminds me: Gus, Jenn, I have your Christmas presents in the back of my car!


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