Halloween Sneak Preview

OK, so we thought Jack was going to be Super Why for Halloween. We thought we had found one of the last 3 Super Why costumes in existence on an eBay store. We were wrong. The store emailed us saying there won’t be any shipments before Halloween, and yes, we can have our money back. We thought, “Hey, we can make a Super Why costume.” So, Jack and I went out this morning and tried to find green pants, a green short sleeved shirt, a blue long-sleeved shirt, and blue shorts. Hahahaha! Nothing. But we did go to Target after dinner and looked in their costume section.
First, Jack wanted to be a pony. Then, he wanted to be James (a friend of Thomas the Tank Engine), then he wanted to be “a dress”, and then a dragon/dino. Max found a firefighter’s costume, and Jack definitely wanted to be that. For about 2 minutes. We finally settled on…

Jack as Thomas the Tank Engine

Jack as Thomas the Tank Engine

Now, I admit, I think that’s cheating. I mean, he’s wearing a dress with a train on it, basically. But he is really excited about it, and that’s what matters. He wanted to sleep in it, and when we said no, he said he wanted to rock with it (sit and rock while we read stories before bedtime). We said no, and he flipped, but I was able to divert him by showing him a particular book.
So, no Super Why, but we do have a Thomas. I may still get that costume for next year.


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