This year, Halloween involved five separate events: pumpkin carving, the Alice’s costume parade, trick or treating in downtown Walnut Creek, a Halloween party, and trick or treating.

Jack was a bat. Why? Because Daddy is petrified of bats. Consequently, Jack has found a reason to talk about bats every day since the beginning of September. It was a pretty cheap costume to make: black sweat pants, black long sleeve shirt, an ears headband, and a Batman cape. The Batman cape is part of a Batman costume we got in New Hampshire for $10. I love consignment stores in states without sales tax.

Pumpkin carving happened at our friends’ house down the street. That was Wednesday. Max actually carved his pumpkin there. Jack insisted on carving his when we got it last Saturday. I didn’t carve mine ’til this Saturday.

Alice’s costume parade was on Friday. It was supposed to rain, but, fortunately, it didn’t. So the kids could parade around the playground, decorate pumpkins, have a special snack, and play.

In the afternoon, we took BART with some friends and did Walnut Creek’s downtown trick or treat event. It was very cool! Definitely something to do again next year. There ended up being 4 moms and 5 kids from Alice’s, and we actually met another Alice’s family there completely by coincidence.

Saturday night, our friend Christy had a costume party. Everyone was supposed to dress up. All of the women did, the kids did, but did all of the men? Nope. They did have the World Series game on, which the men and some of the women enjoyed.

Sunday, we just went trick or treating around our neighborhood with Christy and her girls. Not as many houses were open as there were last year, but there were some pretty nifty spooky houses. Jack got a lot of candy, but we’re going to donate a lot of it to the troops, via Operation Gratitude.

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