Halloween 2013

Cassie was supposed to be Lambie from Doc McStuffins. A few snags:

  • I wanted to sleep in this morning, so I didn’t dress her. I didn’t even wake up before she went to school. Max dressed her. Incorrectly. (Sorry, honey!)
  • I forgot to get out the tutu she was supposed to wear. Max picked the wrong tutu. (Yes, my child has multiple tutus. So?)
  • The costume we were using was actually a hand-me-down white cat costume. It fit last month. It apparently didn’t this morning. So, she only wore it for the parade, and not at all later.

Max went to Cassie’s Halloween party and parade, while I went to Jackson’s. Max wasn’t able to get any good full body shots of Cassie in the costume. Here are a couple of good close ups though.

Cassie, dressed as Lambie, with a pumpkin Cassie hugging a pumpkin

For his part, Jackson had two costumes as well. His Green Lantern costume is a one-piece, and he couldn’t use the “restroom” in it. So, for his school party, he chose to wear his Gryffindor robes, but, because we (Cassie) broke both pairs of Harry Potter glasses, he couldn’t be Harry Potter. Instead, he was Lee Jordan. Or, as I explained to two moms at school, “The black kid in Gryffindor.” (Yes, the real Lee Jordan has dreads. Work with me here.)

Jackson dressed in Gryffindor robes Jackson eating a donut

For trick or treating, Cassie was a witch. (Thanks to all of our hand-me-downs and one new gift, she also could have been Snow White, Rapunzel, Piglet, a cow, a fairy princess, or a pirate.) Jackson was Green Lantern. John Stewart happens to be my favorite Green Lantern. Jackson’s favorite is the little yellow guy.

Cassie dressed as a witch Cassie as a witch, Jackson as Green Lantern

Jackson carved his own pumpkin (more or less). He let me carve one of his pumpkins too.

Jack o'lanterns


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