Jack’s Halloween

Jack’s Halloween started with Mommy and Daddy showing up at his school’s Halloween party at 11:30.

The party started at 11. 

Mommy was (still is) heartbroken. We missed their performance. They sang and paraded around in their school-made shirts. We did manage to get some playtime in.


Mommy, Daddy, and Jack at the Halloween Party

Mommy, Daddy, and Jack at the Halloween Party

Jack and Mommy at School

Jack and Mommy at School



Jack convinced us to take him home after the party. Daddy got him down for a nap. When he woke up, Daddy took Jack shopping for a new sleeping bag. You see, everyone at school has an actual sleeping bag, whereas Jack only has a blankie. (It’s a nice blankie, that he likes, from Aunt Donna and Uncle Bill.) Mommy had been going to wait til Christmas, but if everyone else has a sleeping bag… Mommy was too often the “only kid without” and, while sometimes it’s necessary to set limits, if it’s not too spoiling, then she wants Jack to have what the other kids have. Sadly, Daddy was unable to find a sleeping bag. 

Daddy was also unable to convince Jack to put his costume on to webcam with Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Clyde. The computers didn’t cooperate either. 

Jack came home from shopping whining for candy. He was unhappy when he was told that he had to eat dinner first. But Mommy said, “Jack, you are not getting candy until you eat dinner, so you might as well stop whining.” 

It worked.

Jack and Mommy did some last-minute decorating, while Daddy went out and got chicken nuggets. (Mommy needed fried protein that Jack would eat.) Jack managed to eat 3 chicken nuggets, a squeezy yogurt, and a package of cheese crackers. So, he got to eat an Almond Joy, provided by our next door neighbors. He ate the almond off the top, then licked the chocolate off and gave Daddy the coconut. 

Daddy took some pictures. Unfortunately, we forgot to get them when Jack had a clean face. So we call these “Thomas Ready for the Washdown.”


Jack as Thomas the Tank Engine

Jack as Thomas the Tank Engine

Jack as Thomas, Eating Candy

Jack as Thomas, Eating Candy

Despite off and on sprinkles, Mommy and Jack went around our cul-de-sac and all the way down the street. Sadly, there are at least 6 foreclosures, and many people chose not to participate in the trick or treat. There were 5 houses that were all decked out. When we went up to the first several doors, when the people would open them, Jack said, “Thank you!”. It took awhile to remind him to say “trick or treat” first. We went to the scary houses, and Jack was very brave. One of them had a fog machine, and Jack was concerned that the steam would burn him. Mommy explained that it wouldn’t, and Jack was fascinated that it didn’t. 

In the end, Jack had a positive Halloween experience, even if it was lacking from Mommy and Daddy’s perspective.

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