Rock a Bye Daddy

Daddy and Mommy feel like we have colds. We had a carpet picnic of sandwiches and crackers for dinner. Daddy was using Jack’s cow as a pillow. Jack noticed and grabbed it. Mommy asked, “Can Daddy borrow your cow to use as a pillow?”
Jack said, “No. I haf to borrow my cow.”
Mommy said, “Can Daddy borrow your dino to use as a pillow?”
Jack got up, took a brief step towards dino, and then took the two steps to Daddy, who was still lying on the floor. He kind of stopped over Daddy, giving him a hug of sorts, and then started rocking back and forth.
Then he sang, “Rock a bye baby on the treetop.”
Daddy and Mommy burst out laughing in a nice way, and applauded Jack when he was done with the song.

Later, when Daddy asked for his goodnight hug and kiss, Daddy thanked Jack for the hug. Then Jack thanked Daddy for the hug. Very heartwarming.

Oh, and Mommy was asked to tell the Beauty and the Beast “once upon a time” tonight, for the very first time.

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