I Used To Sing

Max and Robyn After Godspell

For Christmas, Max got me this Super USB Cassette Capture do-hickey. It’s basically a Walkman that connects to my computer via USB, and it allows me to convert cassette tapes to digital music files. This weekend, I used it to convert all of my vocal warmups, accompaniment, and vocals from voice lessons to MP3. My friend Christy expressed an interest in hearing the songs. So, I decided to subject anyone who happens by my blog to them, thanks to SoundCloud. For the record (get it?), my wise and accommodating voice teacher, Glynn Page, is playing the accompaniment on all of these.

Disclaimer: These are all from college voice classes, not performances.



5 thoughts on “I Used To Sing

  1. I hope you sing to your kids or maybe sing together with them? I love singing. I listened to the “Glory of Love” track because I thought it was the Peter Cetera song. I smiled in recognition to find that it was not. I’m glad you had the courage to share these. You brightened my day. I hope you re-discover your voice someday. Only singers know the pleasure that comes from the activity of singing.

    • Thanks Glen! My kids get embarrassed when I sing, but sometimes I get to sing with Cassie. I was using the fact that I didn’t have my warm ups get in the way of me auditioning for any musicals. Now I don’t have that excuse.

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