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General Update

I’ve been using digital scrapping software to create pages, including an entire custom storybook for Jack. Business and Mom… I’m lucky if I get 18 hours of work done in a week. I have no idea how I’m supposed to work with a child. I can’t plunk him down in front of TV – not … Continue reading

Abbreviated Post

Jack has the vocabulary of a 3 year old, and no, that’s not hyperbolic. I was looking up toddler milestones, and 1 book and 2 different web sites all said that a child at 24 months should be able to say “several” single words, and, perhaps, 2-4 word sentences. It’s not until age 3 that … Continue reading

Catching Up

I am currently catching up on email from April. I have decided to place anything of interest in this one post, then I do not have to write email to everyone I know. I’m not lazy, I’m just a person who can only get things done when the baby is asleep. People ask about work, … Continue reading

All Purpose Update

I never explained where “I’m the Mommy” came from. In the TV show “Mad About You” Jaime (Helen Hunt) has interviewed for a job, and somehow Paul (Paul Reiser) runs into the hiring manager, sees his family picture and tells the guy that he and Jamie are “trying.” Jamie finds out and is pissed when … Continue reading

Little Person

Jack is such the little person. He can pull the covers up, and grab and hold what he wants. There are definitely thoughts and choices being made in his mind. We’re starting to get him on a sleeping schedule so he doesn’t turn into Devil Baby (or Jack-Jack Attack for Incredibles fans). He is currently … Continue reading

Sleeping Baby

Jack generally sleeps from about 11pm to 4am. Last night, however, he was up every hour. Max finally just got up with him and woke me up at 9 saying, “You need to take him.” So, I calmed Jack down and we slept on the recliner. Jack had a couple of meltdowns today, because of … Continue reading