He’s a Tramp

(originally posted on LiveJournal)

livejournal09Jack has recently (as in, since Sunday) become obsessed with The Lady and the Tramp. He likes the white dog – Peg. Peg sings “He’s a Tramp”. Jack asked me to sing it for him at bed time. So I sang…

“He’s a tramp, but they love him.
Breaks a new heart, everyday.
He’s a tramp, they adore  him,
And I wish that he could travel my way.”

Jack said, “No. He doesn’t travel her way, she travels his way.”

I said, “Oooo kkkkk” not really getting the difference.

Then I had the song stuck in my head, and I realized that the lyric is:
“I wish that I could travel his way.”

So, Jack was right. My kid is a genius.

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