Cassie Is 7 Months Old!

It seems like she was 6 months old just a few days ago, but now, Cassie is 7 months old!

Cassie with her bear and her bee

There’s a story behind this outfit too. I think it came from my friend Kelly, because I’ve had it forever. It was one of the ones that I kept hung up in the closet. It inspired Cassie’s room colors.

Cassie’s become a champion sitter. She will be crawling any day now, I swear! She loves to get onto her tummy and is trying so hard – it looks like she’s swimming on the floor. She can turn herself around on the wood floor and carpet. She got half a crawl – she got her right hand and right leg to move, but then couldn’t figure out how to make her left side come along.

She’s starting to enjoy actual food, including crackers, spaghetti, rice, pear sauce, applesauce (baby applesauce, not big kid applesauce), avocado, and Zwieback toast. We’ve also tried baby food carrots, but she’s not a huge fan.

She began doing raspberries late last month, and for awhile that was her favorite thing in the world. More recently, though, she’s begun babbling – “dadadadada” and “babababa”, more often. We try to encourage the babbling. She’s also just starting to enjoy peek-a-boo.

She’s been bearing weight on her legs forever, but she’s not really into cruising yet. She likes to stand on people’s laps. I’ve been trying to get her to hold onto the coffee table, but she’s just not quite ready yet. Because she’s so tall, if she falls, she can really smack her chin on the table. I should also add that she can walk if you hold onto her hands. Not many steps – I think the most she’s taken is 3 – but still.

Cassie’s pretty mellow, so she doesn’t really object if you take her toys. However, she hangs on to what she wants pretty well. She drops things, and sometimes looks for them. She works to get things that she wants and she is strong! She’s dragged over my cereal bowl, for example. She can pick up objects, including pretty small ones – globs of rice, Lego minifigures. The Legos have been banished to Jackson’s room.

She can transfer items from one hand to the other, no problem.

So basically, she’s meeting all of the “should be able to” and “will probably be able to” milestones from What to Expect When You’re Expecting. She meets 2 of the 3 “may possibly be able to” milestones. (As I said, she doesn’t creep or crawl quite yet.) She’s not doing any of the “may even be able to” milestones yet.

Oh, and as an update about her hair: We’ve stopped washing it every other night in favor of just conditioning it. I’m putting coconut oil on the bald spot, which is starting to fill in. Her hair is getting longer and stronger. A friend leant me a book about curly hair and I think I might try some finger coils soon. But at least I now know to wet it before I comb it, and I use a larger comb. I’m trying!

Here are a few more pictures from May:

Jackson and Cassie (in her Smart Cookie onesie)

Big Brother and Smart Cookie

Cassie and Her Toys

Cassie and Her Toys

Mommy & Cassie on Mother's Day

Mommy & Cassie on Mother’s Day

Jackson, Cassie, and Uncle Steve

Uncle Steve Visits

Cassie Almost Crawling

Almost Crawling

Jackson with his cow and bear

Jackson is 6 years, 1 month, 1 week, and 1 day old

Jackson and Cassie with their special stuffed animals

Jackson and Cassie with their special stuffed animals

Jackson and Cassie Standing

Jackson and Cassie Standing

Do you remember when Jackson was 7 months old? He had teeth! But Cassie doesn’t yet. I can see them under there…

6 thoughts on “Cassie Is 7 Months Old!

    • Hi Katy! Baby applesauce = applesauce in a baby food jar (in this case, Earth’s Best) as opposed to regular applesauce in a big jar or in kid size cups, both of which are cheaper than the baby food. šŸ™‚

  1. Ah. I just used regular (unsweetened, of course) applesauce for that purpose. šŸ™‚
    But I also keep it around for myself.

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