Cassie Is 8 Months Old!

Cassie with her bee and bear

On June 25, Cassie turned 8 months old! Can you believe how time has flown?

She popped her first tooth on June 22 during a play date. Seriously. At the beginning of the play date, she didn’t have a tooth. She was crying and screaming and unhappy (no, not much of a play date for us, but Big Brother played). When she calmed down, she had a tooth.

She began crawling on June 7. She is getting faster and faster. Just today, she crawled from the living room, around the stairs, into the dining room and tried to grab the cat food. Fortunately, I was watching and took it away. Unfortunately, I hadn’t been watching earlier when she crawled from the kitchen to the dining room to drink the cat’s water. She got in a swig before I picked her up.

Cassie up on all fours

June 13, 2012

So, let’s check out those eight month milestones…

Cassie very much bears weight when held upright. She’s practically standing as it is. She prefers to stand holding on to a person, but she will also stand leaning up against the couch pillows. She’s still working on pulling herself up from sitting to standing. Of course, she can do it almost by herself by holding our hands. She’s just nervous about holding, say, the table, and standing. She will do it, but not for very long.

Cassie looking out the front window

June 6, 2012

Cassie standing with her back against the couch pillows

June 21, 2012

She can feed herself crackers and baby toasts (I think they used to be called Zwieback). In fact, aside from rice rusks, she hasn’t found a food she doesn’t like. She eats lots of purees. When she gets some teeth, we will happily feed her Cheerios (or, rather, Joe O’s from Trader Joe’s) so she can work on her fine motor skills.

Speaking of fine motor skills, she’s working on picking up small objects. She can pick up medium-sized objects with her thumb and other fingers. She can also rake a surface and pick up objects. She really enjoys picking things up, actually, and will find the least appropriate item in seconds. We have to be very careful. Once she’s got something, it can be very hard to take it away from her. She has a strong grip, and she will object if you take something she wants away. If something is out of reach, she will find a way to get it. That’s how she started crawling – the cat was out of reach.

She turns in the direction of a voice. She recognizes my voice (and me as Mommy), Max’s voice (he as Daddy), and Jackson’s voice (he as Big Brother). She recognizes Grandpa Bob and Great-Grandma. I’m not so sure about other people yet. She’s starting to take an interest in other babies. She stares at them with great interest.

She doesn’t look for objects she’s dropped very often. She’s not into playing “dropsy” which is nice. She will play peek-a-boo, but I think it disturbs her a little bit.

If you had asked me yesterday if she could get into a seated position from her tummy, I would have said no. However, she did just that today, several times!

Cassie babbles quite a bit. “Dadada” and “bababa” are her favorites, along with “Ooooh” and occasionally, “Oh!”

We’re looking forward to July. June wasn’t a very good month, overall. Max was sick with a cold. Then I got sick with an infected lymph node. Then Max got sick again with an infected salivary gland.

Here are a few more pictures from June:

Jackson and Cassie on the couch

June 16, 2012

Cassie in her Boston Red Sox onesie

Father’s Day

Cassie in pink on the pink quilt

June 5, 2012

Jackson and Cassie standing

June 23, 2012

Remember when Jackson was 8 months old?

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