How Smart Is My Daughter? E. So Smart!

I used to post “Jackson is great” stories here all the time in the beginning. I only had one kid then. Cassie has gotten the short shrift. Just as I was shutting down the computer, I remembered this story from dinner on Thursday.

Cassie loves rice. We probably eat rice 2-3 times per week. She also loves to help me. After an initial mishap due to not listening when I said “The red means the stove is hot. Don’t touch!” she figured out what “hot” meant and doesn’t touch the stovetop when the red lights are on. On Thursday, Cassie decided she would help me make dinner.

When I said we were making rice, she got out the perfect pot for rice making. That could have been luck, though.

I got out the rice and I said, “I measure, you pour.” She poured the rice and poured the water. She can’t reach the stove controls (thank God!) so I had to stop her from climbing on to the stove to do so.

Then Jackson got a nosebleed – allergies do that to him. At the same time, the rice started to boil.

Cassie moved her stool over to the tool turnaround, got a wooden spoon, moved her stool back to in front of the stove, and mixed the rice!

She knew that boiling rice needs to be mixed.

See? So smart!

I was able to take a break from Jackson’s nosebleed to turn the heat down on the rice and get the pot lid. Cassie said, “Cassie cover rice” and did so, properly, by holding the knob on the top of the lid.

Max says this is “Terrifying. It requires a whole new level of kitchen awareness.”

I think it’s awesome.

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