Library Card and Other Stories

Today, Jackson got his very own library card. I thought you had to be 5 to get one. Turns out, you just have to be able to write your name. Jackson said, “I could have had one when I was four.”

Still, he was very proud to check out his own books. This makes him want to go to the library more.

We’ve also been playing Monopoly. Not only can my boy count by 10’s, he can count by 20’s. He took out two 20’s and said, “Forty.” So I asked, “What’s two times twenty?” and he came back immediately with, “Forty.”

The other day, we were reading Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten. (Kindergarten starts next week!) I said to Jackson, “If there’s one student for every letter in the alphabet, how many students are in the class?” He started counting, “One, two… Twenty-six!”

My son is a genius.

Yeah, I’m a little biased.

Seven days ’til Kindergarten!

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