Today, I turned 36. Honestly, it wasn’t a very good day. I worked ’til 2 am, got to bed around 4, woke up at 10:45. Picked Jackson up from school, then he talked me into rollerblading while he rode his bike. (Rollerblading is really hard on my knee.) Jackson and I took Firefly (cat #3) for her check up at the vet. When we got home, Jackson wanted to watch movies on my iPhone by himself, so I sorted and started the laundry. I went in to sit and watch with him and he still wanted to be alone. I made a list of all of the things that have to be done before the baby (theoretically) arrives. Jackson still wanted to be alone. I took care of a few computer items, then made quesadillas and soup. Jackson had asked for quesadillas this weekend because he says I’m “an expert at quesadillas.” So I made quesadillas tonight and he didn’t want them. He decided that he didn’t want to go to practice because he was too tired. So, Coach Daddy went to practice and I gave Jackson a bath.

He was good for his bath, but then started bouncing off the walls afterwards. So, he lost his stories. That portion of the evening ended with him declaring that I wasn’t the boss of him, him kicking me from under the covers and telling me to “get out and never come back.”

Just before I started this post, he called, “Mommy, I need you.” We had a talk about his behavior. He said “You’re supposed to treat other people the way you want to be treated.”

Wow – he remembered that. Then he went on, “So you’re supposed to treat me the way I want to be treated.”

Well, almost.

A few sentences later, I mentioned that we didn’t like it when he whined.

Jackson: “But I can’t do anything about whining.”

Me: “Daddy and I don’t whine.”

Jackson: “Yeah, but you’re grown ups. I’m just a little kid.”

Point taken.

I told him we’d try to be more patient, and that he needed to try to listen better.

I tried to read him a story. He decided he didn’t like that story and wanted another one, to which I said no. Then he tried to debate the point with me. I rubbed his back for a bit while he argued, then left the room. Max came home from practice and got him calmed down enough to go to sleep.

So yeah. I’m 36 now.

One thought on “36

  1. I get a lot of that attitude, frequently. I’m learning that there is no point in arguing or even responding. I simply walk away and comment along the lines of “when you’re ready to talk normally, (behave nicely, etc.) I’ll be in the kitchen (living room, wherever). It takes very little time but sometimes stubbornness sticks around. They do need to go through this phase of learning some independence, but it’s a hard time for everyone. Extinction of the behaviors is easier for everyone to handle (emotionally, physically, mentally, etc.) rather than arguing, which will take it right out of you. Easier said than done, right?

    BTW, celebrate your birthday on a day that goes well…it matters not the day, but that you celebrate. ♥

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